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Studdable Winter
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$52.78 - $148.78 each

When the temperatures drop and the roads get icy, it’s time to put a set of Firestone Winterforce tires on your sedan, coupe, or minivan. This tire delivers strong traction to help you cut through snow, slush and ice -- and if the weather gets really dicey, you can add metal studs for extra grip. Get Winterforce tires and get the confidence to drive through any storm.

  • High sipe density for powerful traction in wet, snowy, and icy weather
  • 3D directional tread design delivers strong grip and a quiet ride
  • Accepts #12 metal studs for extra traction in wintry conditions*
  • *Please observe your state’s laws regarding stud use. Use #12 studs.
  • Tread Life Warranty: Varies based on speed rating
  • Uniformity Warranty: First 1/32 Even Wear, 2 Tires Permitted
  • Workmanship Material Warranty: 72 Month 4yr Free 2yr Prorated
  • Manufacture's Hazard Warranty:
  • Test Drive Warranty: 30 Day Ride and Try
  • Manufacture's Special Warranty: Prorate Mileage if not worn down to 2/32 Using Miles Achieved and 32nds Used
  • Warranty PDF: Firestone_Warranty.pdf

All tire sizes for Winterforce

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 82S

$53.88 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 88S

$56.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 92S

$57.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 97S

$61.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91S

$61.58 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 95S

$62.68 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 96S

$64.88 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 98S

$65.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 82S

$65.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 82S

$66.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 96S

$67.08 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 86S

$68.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 88S

$71.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 88S

$72.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 84S

$72.58 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94S

$76.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91S

$78.08 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94S

$79.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 96S

$82.48 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 92S

$83.58 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91S

$85.18 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 95S

$89.00 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 95S

$90.38 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 98S

$90.62 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 93S

$94.74 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 99S

$98.86 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91S

$98.98 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 98S

$102.28 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 99S

$106.07 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91S

$107.78 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94S

$108.46 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 97S

$108.88 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 100S

$109.16 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 93S

$148.78 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 79S

$52.78 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 89S

$75.00 ea.

Rated 4.6 out of 5�by 328reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5�by overall excellent tires I chose this tires a few years ago & couldn't believe the traction that they gave me in the snow! It felt like I was driving a totally different car. It doesn't matter if it's slush or deep car is a tank since I put these tires on.My main reason for putting these tires on my car is for winter driving, however I have driven with them on in all weather conditions. They aren 't a high performance tire but they do handle well in dry condtions. They are fair in the rain and help with hydroplaning but if your car has a decent amount of horsepower they tend to want to spin on wet roads because the rubber compound is a little hard. Noise level is ok but I wish they were a little more quiet.Overall, these are excellent tires especially for winter driving. They also have pretty decent treadwear. I have already recommended these tires to several people and would continue recommending them. My parents bought their first set for this winter. December 14, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5�by Best tire I have ever bought. To put it simply this is the 3rd set of 4 I have bought for 3 different vehicles. I will keep buying them for all my vehicles. Sure they are a bit noisey but it is a lot better than having my wife (or me) walk up our steep and curvey driveway in the middle of winter with over a foot of snow on it. I used to have to take a run at it now I just idle up it. Plus if you get this type of traction it is also quite noticeable when you need to stop quick. The first time I had them installed the old mechanic said "You will love these". September 18, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by These are great tires I bought these 4 tires from and not only did I get a fantastic price but I ordered them on Wed and had them at my door on Thursday just 24 hrs after I bought them and with free shipping.These new tires made my Tracker ride much smoother and quiter October 8, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5�by Ok but winter tires The tires work ok but they're not recommended for summer road driving. I'll get touring tires next time. Still like the tires. September 19, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by what i think about the tire's a very good all around tire and the shipping was fast August 22, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by Excellent Snow Tire Ive had 2 pairs of these tires (13" and 14") and have ran them on 4 different vehicles (98 4dr stratus, 2 96 neons, and a 98 metro). They are an excellent tire for mud/snow. They are pretty soft and have an aggressive tread pattern, at least for a car tire. These two features make them (in my opinion) unbeatable if you deal with snow of if you like to have a bit of fun in light off-road situations.Though i got great life (4 years) out of my first pair, i didnt run them year-round.Cons: All of the things that make this tire great are also its down sides. Aggressive, deep tread means there will be a small amount of road noise at speed and you may get some wallowing up front if you take sharp turns too quickly. The soft rubber compound means that you will get great grip, especially in summer, but you will eat them up quickly if you run them year-round, spin them a lot, or travel mostly on dry pavements. I once read that tires are like shoes; dont wear slick sandals in the snow and dont wear insulated studded boots on the beach. Just use common sense with them.In all, i HIGHLY recommend these tires. They are extremely capable in mud and snow and have literally given me several years of dependable service. September 30, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by satisfied These are really great tires. Had these on my old car now they're on my new one. They're really soft rubber, loads of traction, softer ride than all season. Only complaint is the sidewall gives on high speed cornering in dry weather. All in all, a very good tire. Serves the purpose and very reasonable priced. Will buy these again and again. September 22, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by Excellent snow tire I have used these tires in snow at least 6" deep, and they performed flawlessly. Excellent grip, both in acceleration and braking. Because of the aggressive tread pattern they are a good bit louder than an all-season tire on dry roads, but for the peace of mind in snow driving it is well worth the trade-off. November 24, 2013
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So far so good....

I ordered these tires online from and they were delivered overnight. Great customer service. As far as the tires go, I have had them installed for about 3 weeks now and so far so good.

Reviewed by PADriver from Pennsylvania