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35-inch Tires

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to modify my truck if I want 35" tires?

Unless you have a ¾ (2500) or 1–ton (3500) truck you’ll need to either install a leveling kit, full suspension kit or modify the fenders to fit a 35" tall tire.  You will also most likely need new custom wheels as well.

What are 35" tires in centimeters?

They range in overall diameter from 87.63–89.97 centimeters.

What size rims do you need for 35" tires?

They’re available in 15"–22" rim or wheel diameters.

What are the drawbacks to larger tires?

Increasing the overall tire diameter from the stock tires will decrease fuel mileage, increase braking distances, alter the handling of the vehicle, take longer to accelerate off the line, and cause the speedometer to read slower than what you’re actually going.

What tire size is 35" equivalent to?

See detailed list in the table