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Together, we take the hassle out of buying tires. Shop 24/7, get the best deal, and ship directly to your trusted, locally-owned Tire Pros dealer in 1-3 days! Plus, get FREE delivery on many items. 

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About Friendly City Tire Pros

Friendly City Tire is in the business of providing superior automotive services and tires for our customers' needs. We specialize in steering and suspension problems using the most modern front-end equipment, plus we have several ASE Certified Technicians trained to handle such problems. Our technicians also do brake and wheel repairs, drive train repairs, electrical repairs, heating and air conditioning repairs, various other types of automotive services, and most maintenance services. 

Here's how it works

  • Shop online and choose from a huge selection of tires – even hard-to find tires.
  • TireBuyer has a warehouse close to our location.
  • Tires are delivered in 1-3 days, right to 
    Friendly City Tire Pros.

Why Tire Pros?

When you choose Tire Pros, you're supporting your community because we are the nation's largest network of elite, independent and locally-owned tire dealers. Tire Pros, Where Everything Rotates Around You.