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Frequently asked questions

What are the best tire types for a Jeep Wrangler?

This depends on how you?re going to use your Jeep. Most likely, since you purchased a Jeep, you?re going to do some off-roading or overlanding adventures and want a rugged four-wheeling look. These tires are available in two types. All-terrain and mud-terrain. If your Jeep is your daily commuter and you experience four seasons, than an all-terrain tire would be your best choice. For encountering extreme terrain such as deep mud or rock crawling, then a mud-terrain tire would be a great choice.

What?s the largest tire I can put on a stock Jeep Wrangler?

This all depends on what generation Jeep Wrangler you have.

Jeep style Maximum tire size
JL/Gladiator 34” (285/70-17)
JK 32” (255/75-17)
TJ 31” (31X10.50-15)
YJ 30” (30X9.50-15)

At what tire size do I have to lift my Jeep?

This also depends on what generation of Jeep you have and any modifications that have been done to the suspension and fenders.

Jeep style Max tire size without lifting
JL/Gladiator 35”
JK 32”
TJ 31”
YJ 30”

Does putting a larger tire affect the mileage (MPG)?

Yes, by installing a larger tire than the stock OE size, your fuel mileage will decrease, the speedometer will read slower and stopping distance will be affected.

What modifications must be made to put larger tires on my Wrangler?

Depending on the generation of Jeep, you?ll need to install suspension lift, replace the stock wheel with wider aftermarket ones that include a different backspacing and offset, and modify or replace the fenders to ensure the tires are covered completely. Plus, larger mud flaps as certain state laws require these.

Do I need to replace my ring and pinion gears when installing larger tires?

It?s not mandatory to change your differential gearing to lower ratio to compensate for the larger tires, but by doing so you?ll get that lost torque back and the engine will run at a more efficient RPM range. Plus, fuel mileage will improve and the speedometer will be more accurate. However, this all depends on the gear ratio you select. Work with your local ring and pinion shop to calculate the best ratio based on the tire diameter, driving conditions and off-road use.

How long do all-terrain tires last?

This depends on your driving habits and off-road use. Many all-terrain tires have a mileage warranty up to 65k miles. Proper tire inflation, regular tire rotations, correct suspension alignment and tire balancing are required to meet and exceed the mileage warranty from the manufacturer.

How long do mud-terrain tires last?

Mud-terrains don?t come with a mileage warranty, as they are designed for extreme off-road use.

What are the most common Jeep Wrangler tire sizes (diameter is based on the BFGoodrich KO2):

  • 205/75-15 (27.1” diameter)
  • 215/75-15 (27.7” diameter)
  • 225/75-15 (28.3” diameter)
  • 235/75-15 (28.9” diameter)
  • 30X9/50-15 (29.5” diameter)
  • 31X10/50-15 (30.5” diameter)
  • 225/75-16 (29.3” diameter)
  • 245/75-16 (30.5” diameter)
  • 245/75-17 (31.5” diameter)
  • 255/70-18 (31.1” diameter)
  • 255/75-17 (32.1” diameter)
  • 285/70-18 (32.8” diameter)