Is it time to replace your lawn mower tires?

Let’s face it, lawn mower tires are often the most neglected tires out there. They just don’t get the same love and attention that car and truck tires do. In fact, many folks can go decades without giving a second thought to their mower tires. Of course, that’s not a good idea - but how do you know when it’s time to get your mower some new shoes?

Five signs it’s time to replace your lawn mower tires

  1. The sidewall of the tire is showing signs of dry rot.

  2. The tire loses air pressure over relatively short periods of time.

  3. There are multiple cuts in, or chunks missing from, the tread.

  4. Loss of traction going up/down hills.

  5. Rough ride while mowing.

Replacing worn-out lawn mower tires when needed provides several benefits both to your riding mower and your lawn. You’ll enjoy a better ride, gain noticeable traction, and achieve a more consistent cut.

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