All about UHP tires

An overview of UHP tires and a look at a few favorites.

UHP all season tires are engineered to meet enthusiast driver expectations. We have the latest styles built for speed.
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What are racing slicks?
Jump into the world of motorsports and the magic of the fastest, most primo tire type around. The tread-less racing slick.
Advantages of new tires and wheels for the track
Track day wheels and tires? The benefits are extensive. Allow us to explain.
Track day: Helpful guidelines for beginners
It’s all about fun, but safety matters too. Push your car to its limits but follow these rules for everyone’s sake.
Planning for track day: supplies you need
Don’t show up for track day without this list of basic supplies. Or you’ll probably regret it.
Get started in auto racing: How to select the right race track
Begin your auto racing hobby by choosing the right race track.
What to expect on track day
Your first track day can fill you with anxiety. But we have answers to some common questions.
Don’t let a little rain scare you away from the track
Rain doesn’t have to dampen your enthusiasm. Here’s some advice to weather a track day.
How to get your car ready for track day
Mechanical wear and tear occurs at a much higher rate on track. Be sure your car is in proper condition for a track day.
Negative Camber and Performance Tires
Why would you run negative camber, and what effect does it have on tire and vehicle performance? Learn the basics about negative camber here.
Ultra-high performance tires
UHP tires can significantly improve your ride. Are they as awesome as they sound?
How long do Motorsport Tires last?
Got your eye on a set of motorsport tires? First you should know how long they’ll last.
What you need to know on track day
Get the most out of a track day by learning performance driving vocab.

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Tire buying experience was excellent. Tires and related items were as advertised. Installation was simple - schedule time, arrive at location, tires installed, transaction complete. Very Easy!!!

- Sann from North Carolina