Choosing the right lawn mower tire for dirt

Choosing the right lawn mower tire for dirt

We like to say we’re experts in tires that roll on dirt and grass, yet we end up talking a lot about the grass and much less about the dirt. So which tires work best if you have attachments for your mower? Or if you need to trundle off into the woods to haul some firewood? We carry several tires that are specialized for use off-grass and in the dirt. Here’s how to know which one you’ll need.

If you need grip and pull for heavy loads... The Carlisle Super Lug, Power Trac, and Tru Power all have the bar-bar tread design which provides superior grip and pull for heavy loads. As expected, this design will tear at your lawn but it’s great for tillers, trenchers, and snow throwers.

If you need grip over many types of terrain... If you have a UTV or often find yourself trekking through a multitude of environments, then the Carlisle HD Field Trax may be the perfect tire for you. It’s an HDAP (Heavy Duty All-Purpose) tire designed to be used for work and play. While it may cause some turfing with frequent lawn use, the HD Field Trax offers outstanding traction in farm, field, sport, and worksite settings.

If you need grip both on and off your lawn... If you’re looking for dedicated lawn tires that can cross over to other terrain and still keep you moving, we’d recommend the Carlisle Multi Trac CS and the Carlisle Turf Master. They may not feature quite the same gripping power as the other tires mentioned here, but with the deep, semi-lugged tread design, you can expect to get out of most messes you may wander into.

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