How to choose the right tires

Understanding your warranty

How do tire warranties work?

Everything you need to know about tire mileage warranties, including how to keep yours in force.  
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Nexen Total Coverage Tire Warranty
No time to sort through tire warranty jargon? Get the high points of Nexen’s incredible Total Coverage Warranty here.
Continental Tire Warranty: The Total Confidence Plan
Top-selling Continental tires guarantee your total confidence. Just in case the unexpected happens, their comprehensive warranty has you covered.
What are run flat tires?
Learn about the pros and cons of purchasing run flat tires.
Michelin Tire Warranty — The Michelin Brand Promise
The Michelin Brand Promise goes beyond the typical warranty.
What’s the best crossover tire?
The right tires can enhance the performance attributes you love in your crossover. Find out more.
How much do new tires cost?
With tires and warranties, you get what you pay for. Find out what you should expect to pay.
How do I find quiet tires for my car?
Here's some practical advice to help you find a quiet set of tires — and keep them that way.
Speed rating and load index
How fast can your tires go? How much weight can they carry? We’ll show you how to find out.
How and why to buy tires online
Find out why you should buy tires online, how works, and if you even need new tires.
Understanding tire types/sizes
"P225/45ZR18 92Y" may not mean much to the average person, but to tire geeks, it speaks volumes.
Your vehicle's trim/style
This is a pretty important bit of info when you’re buying tires. We’ll tell you how to find your trim level.
Are cheap tires the best for you?
Buying tires on a budget can be tricky — but you can save money without scrimping on safety.
What’s included with new tires?
We get it — tires are expensive. So if you’re worried about extra costs, check out this article.
Your sidewalls say a lot
Learn how to recognize and read the data on your tires.

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