Continental ExtremeContact Sport Overview

The ExtremeContact Sport
Decades of performance tire experience and R&D inform the ExtremeContact Sport, Continental’s most well-rounded and capable ultra-high-performance summer tire ever.

What are some of the attributes that enthusiast drivers want most from their ultra-high-performance summer tires?

  • Mega grip, superb handling and tactility for weekend blasts
  • Reassuring wet traction during summer downpours
  • Comfortable and quiet for daily drives and long cruises
  • Strong manufacturer warranty
  • Lasting mileage

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport checks all those boxes and meets just about any other criteria on the enthusiast driver’s wish list, too.

Decades of development, including thousands of miles of road and track testing, professional racing, and Continental performance tire progress is wrapped up in the ExtremeContact Sport. The end result is Continental’s flagship performance tire, and unquestionably one of the very best ultra-high-performance tires currently on the market.

Continental’s #Track2Street development methodology involved those racers providing tire engineers with insights and feedback as they challenged the ExtremeContact Sport in test sessions on track. The end result is a tire that delivers precise handling and immense grip in dry conditions, more than any other Continental ultra-high-performance summer tire to date.

“Tested to the limits by championship-winning racecar drivers, the ExtremeContact Sport satisfies even the most demanding driver. This dynamic, ultra-high-performance street tire is built for car enthusiasts and engineered for extreme grip in dry and wet conditions.” –

Uses “SportPlus Technology” compound

Few factors are more important to performance tires than the tread compound (the composition of the surface tread layer). It’s the “make or break” element of any performance tire. Continental’s SportPlus compound technology optimizes and blends precise, agile handling on dry roads, outstanding wet traction, and improved treadlife.

The well-roundedness and near-perfect optimization of these performances is the theme of the ExtremeContact Sport; it’s strong in every department. SportPlus Technology “…improves tread life while enhancing grip on wet roads and provides precise steering for maximum control.”

The ExtremeContact Sport side view

Exceptional performance in wet conditions

The predecessor to the ExtremeContact Sport, the ExtremeContact DW, was a seriously competent wet weather tire. With substantial circumferential grooves for water evacuation and SportPlus Technology compound progress, the ExtremeContact Sport manages to improve upon the DW’s awesome wet weather performance (while simultaneously advancing dry traction and wear, as detailed above).

If your area experiences occasional torrential rainstorms, there’s no better performance tire match than the ExtremeContact Sport.

Great size range, for both OE and aftermarket wheels

With 72 sizes ranging from 15'' to 20'' in diameter, it’s likely you’ll find a fit whether your wheels are factory or aftermarket, square or staggered, you name it.

You’ll find OE and direct replacement sizes for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Chevy Performance vehicles, and more.

30,000-mile treadlife warranty

Many performance tires, especially those that favor extreme grip over practicality, are “here for a good time, not a long time.” Not so with the ExtremeContact Sport. Under reasonable use conditions (not daily tire torture or routine track use), users have achieved tens of thousands of miles.

The ExtremeContact Sport is backed by a strong 30,000-mile treadlife warranty, plus Continental’s Total Confidence Plan, which includes the treadlife warranty, Flat Tire Roadside Assistance, and Road Hazard coverage, not to mention, a 60-day Customer Satisfaction Trial. So, if the ExtremeContact Sport doesn’t meet your expectations, Continental will allow a trade for alternative Continental brand tires.

Continental offers a robust suite of services
Continental offers a robust suite of services. Click for larger image.

Tires in a staggered fitment that can’t be rotated offer a mileage warranty of half, or in this case, 15k miles. On vehicles with staggered/split fitments (different size tires on front and rear axle), tires can’t be rotated between the front and rear axle. Without tire rotation, the expected mileage/kilometers before wearing out is significantly lower, especially on the rear axle. Therefore, the mileage warranty for tires on the rear axle of these vehicles will be 50% of the standard mileage warranty for the product line.

Versatile and durable enough for track use

Thinking about taking your performance driving enthusiasm to the next level and joining autocross or track days? The ExtremeContact Sport is game, and a suitable tire for beginner and intermediate level track drivers.

Be sure to monitor tire pressures, don’t push the ExtremeContact Sport so much that it overheats (characterized by “greasy” handling and feel), and it won’t let you down to, from, or on the racetrack!

The Extreme Contact excels in a variety of conditions
The Extreme Contact excels in a variety of conditions

(Note: High performance driving events unavoidably reduce tire life and may compromise warranties.)

Five-star reviews for the ExtremeContact Sport
The reviews are in

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport is eligible for fast and free delivery. Shop the Continental ExtremeContact Sport, or want to discuss options for your ride? Give our performance tire experts a call at (866)-961-8668.

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