Continental Tire Warranty: The Total Confidence Plan

The Continental Total Confidence Plan “provides an extra measure of confidence with every Continental tire purchase.” –

A set of Continental replacement tires is money well spent. As one of the undisputed top tier manufacturers in the industry, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll experience tens of thousands of trouble-free miles with any set of Continental tires. But if you’re a new Continental customer, or about to be one, don’t overlook the Total Confidence Plan – a comprehensive, best-in-industry warranty that provides you additional levels of assurance and protection.

In fact, almost no matter what problem you might have with your Continental tires, even where Continental isn’t at fault, the Total Confidence Plan activates and provides a much-needed assist.

Here are the key features of their plan, and how it can provide “an extra measure of confidence” wherever your travels may take you.

Three-year flat tire change – roadside assistance

Not all of America’s roadways are in great shape these days, and even the finest roads can harbor unexpected hazards that can create a tire puncture.

Whether you hit a monster-sized pothole or a piece of debris left by a friendly fellow traveler, if you’re left stranded roadside, the Total Confidence Plan will rescue you.

When you purchase a set of Continental tires, register them with Continental and activate the roadside assistance program.

You’ll receive a roadside assistance program card by mail.

In the event of a flat, call a 24/7 live agent who’ll send a service professional to your location. If your vehicle has a spare tire, the service person will fit the spare to your vehicle. In the event of no spare, or if you get really unlucky and experience multiple flats, towing will be provided to a tire/auto repair shop within a 150-mile range.

All this occurs at no charge to you if you’ve enrolled in the roadside assistance program. (Note: Under extraordinary circumstances where the cost of tire repair exceeds $200 or towing exceeds 150 miles, the customer is responsible for the additional fees.)

Road hazard coverage

For the first 12 months (and 2/32-inch of treadwear) of your new Continental tire ownership, road hazard coverage will apply.

This means if your Continental tires experience a cut, snag, puncture, bruise, or impact break as a result of a road hazard, Continental will replace the damaged tire(s) with a comparable new tire at no cost.

To ensure you’re able to activate road hazard coverage in the event of an incident, keep your original purchase receipt and proof of purchase (including dates), and present them at your local Continental tire shop when making a warranty claim.

Limited warranty and adjustment policy

Even after the initial 12-month period lapses, the Total Confidence Plan continues with limited warranty provisions valid up to 72 months from the original date of purchase.

So, if an eligible tire becomes unserviceable from a warrantable condition within six years post-purchase date, Continental will provide a discount on the cost of a new Continental tire on a pro-rated basis, and according to the remaining tire service life (tread) of the decommissioned tire.

“The replacement tire price will be determined by multiplying the percentage of the usable tread worn by the Dealers Price (excluding all applicable taxes) at the time of the adjustment.” –

This process may sound a bit complicated, but the bottom line is even when a Continental tire must be decommissioned for whatever reason, the remaining tire life is taken into consideration and will be credited toward the purchase of your new Continental tire(s). Therefore, when you replace, you’re not losing the tire life and value of the decommissioned tire(s).

Mileage warranty

Last but definitely not least, the Total Confidence Plan applies a mileage warranty to a wide range of Continental tires.

As one of the top tire brands in the world, Continental understands how to infuse their tires with substantial quality, performance, and tire life.

Most, but not all Continental tires come with a mileage warranty, that can be considered a mutual understanding and expectation between the tire brand and the customer as to how many miles the tires are expected to remain serviceable.

Continental’s class-leading, high performance all season ExtremeContact DWS 06, for example, is provided with a mileage warranty of up to 50,000 miles. Should the tread reach a minimum depth of 2/32-inch before 50,000 miles, and provided the customer has adhered to appropriate inflation and tire rotation service intervals (at least every 6,000-8,000 miles), the customer will receive a pro-rated credit toward a new set of Continental tires on a pro-rated basis according to mileage achieved vs. the mileage warrantied.

As with your original receipt and proof of purchase, be sure to maintain tire rotation receipts and records.

Here again, the mileage warranty provisions of the Total Confidence Plan are aimed at assuring Continental customers receive the full value of their purchased tires.

Continental tires are a known commodity made even more secure thanks to the Total Confidence Plan. Shop for Continental tires on TireBuyer, or give us a shout if we can help equip you and your vehicle with Continental tires and the industry-leading warranty program that comes with them.

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