Cooper Discoverer Enduramax Overview

The off-road and all-terrain tire experts at Cooper know how to build sturdy tires, and they’ve applied those same construction technologies to create one of the toughest all-season tires on the market, the Cooper Discoverer Enduramax.

The Discoverer Enduramax borrows durability from its more hardcore off-road counterparts, then adds four-season traction, long treadlife, and excellent comfort attributes to create an outstanding option for any commute over rough roads.

If you live in four-season territory and travel on rough roads, the Discoverer Enduramax is probably your kind of tire – here’s the need-to-know.

Discoverer Enduramax is built with durability in focus

At the core of the Discoverer Enduramax’s design is unrivaled durability. It’s built and reinforced like no other all-season tire on the market.

  • Durable Tread Technology guards against cuts and chips in the tread, similar to the construction that protects all-terrain and off-road tires from damage on gravel and other rough terrain. Cooper recognizes that traditional all-season tires are getting chewed up and prematurely worn out by rough roads – the Discoverer Enduramax is built to buck that trend.
  • Internal steel belts, dubbed Armor Belt Technology, are borrowed directly from Cooper’s off-road tires and contribute substantial core strength to the tire.
  • Enduraguard Design helps maintain tire shape over rough roads and protects against specific forms of tire damage that can occur with excessive deformation.
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Quiet & comfortable tread design

The Discoverer Enduramax might have robust construction in common with off-road and all-terrain tires, but unlike many of those tires, it delivers a quiet, unobtrusive ride on-road.

Indeed, Cooper rates the Discoverer Enduramax as one of the quietest tires in its extensive product catalog.

“I immediately noticed them being quieter (I was worried they'd be louder!). The ride on the Outback was already pretty smooth compared to other vehicles, but these new tires completely changed the ride. This is the first tire purchase I've ever made where I noticed such a stark, positive difference. Enjoy!” – TireBuyer customer review

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Are Cooper Discoverer Enduramax tires good in the snow?

Expect the Discoverer Enduramax to deliver strong, reliable traction in dry and wet conditions and through wide-ranging winter and summer temperatures.

And when the snow flies, it’s further distinguished from most all-season tire on the market – the Discoverer Enduramax qualifies for the Severe Snow Service rating, which means that it meets high objective standards for traction on snow-covered roads.

“Saw-tooth grooves enhance snow traction to confidently tackle wintry conditions.”


Note: Across the range of tough winter road conditions, the Discoverer Enduramax won’t match the specialized all-around winter performance of true Winter Tires. But the Severe Snow Service rating is additional assurance that the Discoverer Enduramax will work with you and your vehicle’s traction systems in reasonable winter conditions.

Enduramax has 60,000-mile treadwear protection

The same Durable Tread construction that protects the Discoverer Enduramax from getting ground up by broken roads helps the tire achieve exceptional mileage too. So much so that Cooper underscores the Discoverer Enduramax’s longevity potential with 60,000-mile treadwear protection.

Symmetric tread design facilitates optimum tire rotation patterns to further maximize the life and performance of every tire. Tire rotations are required to keep the Treadwear Protection element of the Cooper Tire warranty valid – “rotate your tires in accordance with prescribed rotation patterns at least every 8,000 miles (13,000 km) and it must be recorded.”

Comes in 29 sizes, from 16-20-inch in wheel diameter

So many sizes and specifications that are geared toward a variety of SUVs and crossovers, you’re likely to find a direct fit for your factory wheels.

Get equipped with the durable Cooper Discoverer Enduramax today.

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