The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

The Discoverer STT Pro is the most extreme, toughest mud-terrain tire from Cooper to date. After more than a century  in the tire business, that’s saying something.
Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Cooper’s been constructing robust and high-quality tires in the U.S. since 1919, but over the past century, no Cooper tire has been built to manage more extreme terrain or withstand more punishment than the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro.

“The Discoverer STT PRO is the most extreme all-season, off-road tire Cooper offers to date, providing remarkable off-road performance without sacrificing on-road traction.” –

If you’re on the hunt for a no-excuses, no-compromise off-road tire that’s up for exploring your 4x4’s limitations and pushing boundaries, then the Discoverer STT Pro is probably your match.

Here are a few things you should know about it:

  1. Built for the toughest off-road conditions in North America

The Discoverer STT Pro isn’t built for the occasional rove into hard-packed dirt and gravel trails, but rather heavy-duty off-road adventures, the most demanding types that you can find.

Cooper test drivers and engineers racked up over one-million test kilometers across some of the harshest conditions in America and the Australian Outback. So no matter what you have in mind, it’s likely the Discoverer STT Pro has endured and proven itself in even more hazardous and difficult conditions.

“The new Discoverer STT Pro delivers serious traction, toughness and treadwear for the most challenging off-road conditions like the thickest mud and rockiest terrain.” –

Discoverer STT Pro on a Jeep
Discoverer STT Pro on a Jeep.
  1. Features an off-road focused tread pattern and highly developed sidewall

Just about every inch of the Discoverer STT Pro is dedicated to mastering the off-road craft. Even its sidewall incorporates soft surface “cleats” and mud scoops to contribute additional lateral traction in extreme terrain.

Side profile of Discoverer STT Pro
Side profile of Discoverer STT Pro.

The Discoverer STT Pro’s alternating, oversized shoulder lugs are especially strong in mud, sand, and soft terrain. To keep its impressive tread clear of debris and buildup, mud release dimples expel loose soil for maximum function. Anti-stone retention technology works to eject stones before they’re embedded and damage the tread and inhibit traction.

Tread close-up of Discoverer STT Pro
Click for larger image.

There’s no mistaking the Discoverer STT Pro for anything other than a purpose-built mud-terrain tire, but nevertheless, Cooper has infused this off-road beast with characteristics that make it a capable street performer.

A modern silica-infused tread compound enhances wet traction, while a unique hybrid 3-2 tread pattern reduces noise and increases on-road stability.

Compared to mud-terrain alternatives, Cooper suggests the Discoverer STT Pro exhibits less rolling resistance, and therefore superior fuel economy.

(Note: While these features work to mitigate negative on-road performance characteristics that are typical of mud-terrain tires, the Discoverer STT Pro is not to be confused with more street-oriented options, including various all-terrain tires. It isn’t fair to compare the Discoverer STT Pro on qualities like quiet, comfortable, or efficient.)

  1. Customers give the Discoverer STT Pro solid reviews

Originally released in 2015, the Discoverer STT Pro has achieved the stamp of approval from off-road enthusiasts. TireBuyer’s 4x4 enthusiasts are some of the most discerning out there, and this tire has largely met their tough expectations.

With an overall rating of 4.5/5, the Discoverer STT Pro has proven itself in just about every environment that our audience has thrown its way. (The tire is similarly rated on

Discoverer STT Pro reviews
Discoverer STT Pro reviews. Click for larger image.
  1. Proven in off-road competition

It’s not every day tire companies open up the door to their competition level tires, but Cooper is giving enthusiasts direct access. In the case of the Discoverer STT Pro, the “Pro” really means something.

You’ll get the same Discoverer STT Pro that has competed and won TORC Off-Road Championship events and endured the famed and treacherous Dakar Rally.
The Discoverer STT Pro in action.
  1. Serious tread depth for immediate and long-lasting off-road capability

No getting around tread depth as a tool for off-road domination, and the Discoverer STT Pro has it in spades.

Discoverer STT Pro tread depths range from deep (18/32") to downright cavernous (22/32"). That type of tread depth is a boon to your immediate off-road adventures and increases the likelihood of sufficient tread depth for many adventures.

Find tread depth and the full tire specifications for your required tire size under Available Sizes on the TireBuyer Discoverer STT Pro product page.

Discoverer STT Pro specifications
Discoverer STT Pro specifications. Click for larger image.
  1. Armor Tek3 construction means serious durability and hauling/towing capacity

Three-ply carcass construction guards against punctures and structural damage, almost no matter how significant the sidewall pressure or impact. Armor Tek3 “acts like a shield of armor for the sidewall of your tires, which means the chances of sidewall damage is greatly reduced.”

The reinforced sidewall facilitates airing down for off-road running as well.

Powerful 3-ply construction means LT specification and E/10-ply ratings across the majority of the Discoverer STT Pro range. Almost without a doubt, the Discoverer STT Pro is likely to exceed your vehicle’s factory tires in the load range department.

  1. Available in 45 sizes ranging from 15" to 22" in diameter

Whether you intend to fit the Discoverer STT Pro to your factory wheels or go for an uprated tire + wheel package, the range of available sizes and specs will help you achieve both the look and stonking performance that you’re after.

Discoverer STT Pro on a Jeep
Discoverer STT Pro on a Jeep

Buy the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro today and we’ll deliver your tires free to your doorstep, or to a preferred local installer – typically in just 1-2 days.

Want to discuss the Discoverer STT Pro as the solution for your heavy-duty 4x4 needs? We’re standing by ready to help. Give us a call at (866) 961-8668.

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