Cooper Evolution Tour Overview

When you think about how to de-stress the daily commute, tires probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind, but the right set can be a true ally for your daily grind.

American-made Cooper Tires have been go-to options for vehicles of all makes and models for over 100 years. If you’re looking for an everyday, all-season tire for your car, minivan, or SUV, check out what the Cooper Evolution Tour has to offer.

Are they quiet?

Yes. They’re designed to be quiet, comfortable, and generally non-invasive for drivers and occupants, characteristics widely observed and reported by Evolution Tour drivers. You’re likely to experience a noticeable improvement in all-around comfort from the very moment they roll out of the tire shop.

Are they good in the snow?

Evolution Tour tires have year-round, all season performance. All-season tires sometimes develop a bad rap because they don’t quite make good on the “all-season” performance promise, especially during the winter months. Drivers are often left wanting for additional traction throughout the winter season.

The Evolution Tour belongs to the set of all-season tires that delivers reasonable traction in light winter conditions. While it can’t match the specialized design and performance of a true winter tire like the Evolution Winter, it is an all-season tire that you and your vehicle’s traction systems can work with through most of winter’s challenges.

Throughout the range of fall, spring, and summer temperatures and road conditions, the Evolution Tour fully lives up to its all-season designation as well.

Symmetric tread design

Along with a durable touring tread compound engineered to go the distance, the Evolution Tour features a symmetric tread design, which allows for optimum tire rotation patterns based on wear rates at all four corners.

Treat your Evolution Tour tires with kindness (i.e., avoid lead foot syndrome), intermittent tire rotations, and alignment checks, and you’re likely to see the 60,000-65,000 miles as promised by Cooper’s awesome treadwear warranty.

Reassuring handling characteristics

The Evolution Tour isn’t a performance tire, but between Cooper’s Stabiledge Performance, and strategic ribs and grooves that contribute tread block stability during dynamic driving conditions, drivers are likely to find the Evolution Tour plenty confidence-inspiring in the event of unexpected or emergency maneuvers.

In addition, the Evolution Tour’s 3D Micro-Gauge siping counteracts this trend, with sipes that extend the full depth of the tire’s tread. This helps to ensure even wear and consistent performance throughout the life of the tire.

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Available in a wide variety of affordable sizes & specifications

With 52 sizes available in wheel diameters from 14-18-inches, the Evolution Tour is intended to be a direct fit to your factory wheels.

And along with being a performance and comfort upgrade over your factory tires, the Evolution Tour is likely more affordable as well.

Cooper Tires are renowned for their great value, and the Evolution Tour follows in the tracks of affordable Coopers – it might just save you triple-digit dollars as compared to a new set of original factory tires or alternative all-season aftermarket options.

The savings are likely to continue after you’ve put them into service, too – over the long-term, the Evolution Tour’s lightweight design and low rolling resistance tread design are intended to help save you money at the pump. In fact, in independent testing against competing tires, the Evolution Tour has proven to be one of the more efficient tires in its class.

“I’ve always been an advocate of Cooper tires, as I’m a professional automotive technician and for the most part, every customer that I deal with is pleased if they run a new set of Coopers.” –  TireBuyer user review

The daily slog can be tiresome and stressful. If you’re ready for your tires to handle more of the burden and give you a much-needed assist, the Cooper Evolution Tour is up for the job.

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