Cooper Winter Tires Buyer’s Guide

Founded back in 1914 in Northeast Ohio’s snow belt, you might say that Cooper Tires were engineered for harsh winter weather from the very start.

Of course, their tire technologies have come a long way over the past century. Cooper winter tires can handle Midwest snow, Great Plains ice storms, Rocky Mountain blizzards, and any condition in between.

Proudly made in the USA, Cooper winter tires have you covered.

“I drove over 4500-mile trip from South Carolina to Alaska during the winter. I never lost faith in the tires driving through blizzards, snowfall and on ice along the drive… -40 F there was great traction on ice and snow.” – Cooper Discoverer True North customer review

Cooper winter tires can transform your vehicle’s wintertime performance and help you level the playing field during the most hazardous driving season. Here’s a guide to help you decide which Cooper tire is the best fit for your vehicle and winter driving circumstances.

Cooper Discoverer True North

For the daily winter commute and road trips in cars, minivans, SUVs, and CUVs.

Variable winter road conditions are the norm across many Northern U.S. locales. Salt truck treatments and fluctuating temperatures turn snowy roads to slush and standing water. Early sunsets and plummeting temperatures can turn those same roads into black ice before you make it home for dinner. Indeed, in a 12-hour period you could experience more road conditions than drivers in warm climates will see in a lifetime.

The Discoverer True North is engineered with these unpredictable, wide-ranging winter conditions in mind and it delivers the comfort attributes of a touring tire. When you’re not battling wintry road conditions, the True North doesn’t require you to sacrifice comfort and cabin quiet for its specialized winter performance.

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And that’s saying something, because the True North brings immense winter performance and specialized winter tires technologies. Often, when there’s this much tire performance available, something has to give.

  • The True North features an asymmetric tread design with differing outboard and inboard characteristics that achieve multiple performances. The outboard tread’s wide circumferential grooves evacuate slush and water to keep the tire in touch with the road surface, while the inboard tread maximizes the tire contact patch for ice traction.
  • Cooper’s Snow Groove Technology utilizes winter’s natural traction advantages by trapping snow in the tire tread to create snow-on-snow traction. Snow “caked” in the tire tread adheres to snow on the road surface, promoting enhanced traction and handling.
  • High-density sipes across the entire tire tread boost traction in wet winter road conditions, as well as snow and ice.
  • The True North’s all-important winter tread compound keeps the tire pliable in sub-freezing temperatures and maximizes traction across the full range of winter road surfaces.

If you’re looking for a “Jack of all trades” winter tire, the Discoverer True North could be the beginning and end of your search. Available in 43 sizes ranging from 15-20-inches in diameter, it’s likely the True North is a simple tire swap on your vehicle’s factory wheels as well.

Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw

For 4x4 light duty trucks and SUVs in severe winter conditions – deep snow and bitterly cold conditions. It’ll haul and tow, too.

Designed for and tested in some of the harshest winter conditions in the world, the Discoverer Snow Claw takes on the look of a tough all-terrain tire that’s designed for deep snow and bitter cold. With prominent tread blocks and tread depths up to 17/32-inches, it even resembles some of the well-known all-terrain tires in the Cooper lineup.

Like the Discoverer True North, the Discoverer Snow Claw also features Cooper’s Snow Groove Technology for maximum snow-on-snow traction, plus high-density sipes.

The Discoverer Snow Claw adds extra “claws” for every traction advantage in deep snow. And when deep snow becomes hard-packed, or bitter cold leads to iced-over roads, the Discoverer Snow Claw is studdable. See more info on winter tire studs, including where they are permitted for use by state.

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Alongside its deep snow performance credentials, the Discoverer Snow Claw can be a real day-to-day winter workhorse. With “E/10” ply ratings across a range of sizes and specs, the Snow Claw is likely equal or better than your vehicle’s factory tires and is capable of hauling or towing just about anything you’d like across frozen tundra. The Snow Claw is one legit hardcore winter tire, and it looks the part, too.

Cooper Discoverer Evolution Winter

For cars, minivans, SUVs, and CUVs encountering deep snow and harsher winter conditions.

If the plow and salt trucks don’t come your way with great predictability or frequency, and you need to clear a path for your daily commute, the Discoverer Evolution Winter is your type of winter tire. Its symmetric tread design and purposeful sawtooth circumferential center rib will clear the way and forge a path through deep snow where plow trucks have not.

“Recently had the first sizable snowstorm of the year, we had just over 6" of snow. Not only that my car is an RWD sports car. With these tires I was able to get around rural streets in half a foot of snow with no problems.” – Cooper Discoverer Evolution Winter customer review

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The Discoverer Evolution Winter rounds out its winter design features with multi-angle sipes, Snow Groove Technology, and strategically placed stud pin holes. (Like the Discoverer Snow Claw, the Discoverer Evolution Winter is studdable.)

In exchange for the added, aggressive traction capabilities in deep snow, the Discoverer Evolution Winter isn’t quite as quiet and comfortable as the Discoverer True North, and it doesn’t manage dry and wet winter roads with equal competence either. But if you seldom see pavement through the winter months, then these minor performance disadvantages probably won’t matter much.

The Discoverer Evolution Winter is available in 67 sizes from 14-20-inch in diameter.

Whether Discoverer True North, Discoverer Snow Claw, or Discoverer Evolution Winter, American made Cooper winter tires are your ticket to enhanced winter driving performance, control, and confidence.

Give our team of winter tire experts a call at 866-961-8668 to discuss getting your vehicle equipped with the right set of Cooper winter tires.

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