Wondering if you need a generator?

Do you live in an area that experiences frequent power losses?

If you live in a part of the country where the weather possibilities include hurricanes, frequent thunderstorms, heavy snowfall, high winds, or freezing rain, you may want to consider getting a generator. Power outages are never convenient, and in extreme weather conditions power can be out for days at a time, putting you and your family in a tough spot.

Is there anyone in your household who might be endangered by the loss of power?

This could include the very old and the very young, people who are dealing with illness, people who take medication that requires refrigeration, and others. If you answered yes to either the first or second question, you may want to consider purchasing a generator.

You have lots of options when it comes to purchasing a generator. From small portable machines that run on gasoline to larger backup generators that can supply power to your home for days off of the city grid, it’s relatively easy to find a generator that suits your power needs.

Getting a large backup generator for your home, however, can come with a hefty price tag (upwards of $20,000 for some models). Unless you have an extra $20k sitting around we suggest going with one of the more cost-efficient portable generators, which typically run from $100 - $1000. Portable generators are quick and easy to set up, and they easily go where you need power the most. Most portable generators run on standard gasoline or diesel fuel and provide electricity for about 4-5 hours.

Owning a generator can give you peace of mind in times of crisis by helping you be prepared for whatever Mother Nature wants to throw your way. And if you need some new tires for your existing generator, visit us at TireBuyer.com. Have questions or want help? Feel free to give our experts a call at (866) 961-8668.

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