General Altimax RT43 Overview

The General Altimax RT43
All-season traction, excellent comfort, and great treadlife. The General Altimax RT43 is a long-term, no-frills solution to your daily commute.

The Altimax RT43 is an American-made, OE (original equipment) replacement tire that fits a wide variety of vehicles including coupes, sedans, minivans, crossovers and small SUVs. It’s available in 115 sizes from 13-20" in wheel diameter. When the original factory tires on your vehicle expire, the Altimax RT43 can be a “plug and play” solution. This tire excels in the daily grind commuting environment, both from traction and comfort perspectives.

Here are a few things to know about the General Altimax RT43:

A standard touring all-season tire

Expect strong, consistent traction through four seasons in wet, dry, and light wintry road conditions.

Standard touring all-season tires aren’t engineered with sports car performance in mind, but rather surefootedness during your everyday commute, no matter the road conditions. The Altimax RT43’s tread incorporates hundreds of biting edges for maximum traction on wet and slick roadways. Each of the hundreds of cuts and grooves in the tread evacuate precipitation and keep the tread in consistent contact with the road surface.

Affordable and quiet

Comfort is the hallmark of any top tier standard touring all-season tire, and the Altimax RT43 delivers in this key performance area. The all-season tread design and even tire footprint (where the tire makes contact with the road) generates minimal noise feedback, whether around town or on the highway.

It’s also one of our most affordable standard touring all-season tires and will likely cost less than your vehicle’s original equipment tires.

Long treadlife and 75,000-mile warranty

General refers to the Altimax RT43’s large, flat tread contact patch as StabiliTREAD Technology. It reduces tread stress and wear and contributes to remarkable tire life.

The Altimax RT43 is backed by a 75,000-mile treadlife warranty.

Visual alignment indicators

Vehicle misalignment is a leading cause of premature tire expiration. As a misaligned vehicle travels down the road, the out of specification wheel and tire angles create uneven wear across the tire tread. If this misalignment condition continues over hundreds or thousands of miles, the tire(s) will become dangerous and unusable.

The Altimax RT43’s visual alignment indicators are like an early warning system for vehicle misalignment and pending tire wear that could lead to very premature tire expiration.

How the visual alignment indicator works
How the visual alignment indicator works. Click for larger image.

Wear status at a glance

General’s Replacement Tire Monitor tread stamp allows any user to understand the tire’s wear status at a glance.

The words “Replacement Tire Monitor” are engraved in the central tread rib. As the tread wears, the phrase evolves to reveal a clear message.

“The RTM (Replacement Tire Monitor) provides the user with a warning when the tire is worn and has to be replaced. The inscription “Replacement Tire Monitor” shows three times on the circumferential rib of the new tire. Just before the tread reaches the minimum tread depth indicated by the TWI (Tread Wear Indicator bars), the inscription will change to “Replace Tire.”

Much like the Visual Alignment Indicators, the Replacement Tire Monitor technology takes the guesswork out of understanding the status and wear condition of your tires.

Solid overall traction in light winter conditions

In terms of wintertime traction, not every all-season tire is created equal. Some all-season tires do a better job than others when temperatures hit the freezing mark, and wintry precipitation comes into the picture.

The Altimax RT43 falls into the category of all-season tires that do a reasonably good job in light wintry conditions. And while we highly recommend winter tires for severe winter driving conditions, user ratings demonstrate that the Altimax RT43 has met the traction expectations of most wintertime drivers.

The Altimax RT43 can handle light snow
The Altimax RT43 can handle light snow

Read reviews on the Altimax RT43 today, and we’ll deliver it free to your doorstep, or to a preferred local installer – typically within just 1-2 days.

Want to discuss the Altimax RT43 as your next set of tires? We’re here to help. Give us a call at 866-961-8668.

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