General G-MAX AS-05 Review

The General G-MAX AS-05 delivers surefooted handling for any driving enthusiast, plus practical four-season traction and comfort for commuting.

“Shelving” your performance vehicle as soon as temperatures dip below about 45-degrees? Where’s the fun in that? If this describes your mentality, then the General G-MAX AS-05 is probably your type of tire. It’s aimed at enthusiast drivers of performance vehicles who’d rather see fall and winter road grime on their paint than watch their ride accumulate garage dust with a battery tender hooked up.

Here are a few things to know about General’s flagship ultra-high-performance all-season tire:

An ultra-high-performance all-season tire – what does that mean?

The “ultra-high performance” classification means the G-MAX AS-05 is the most performance-oriented all season tire available that retains daily use practicality. It’s well-suited to performance coupes, sedans, small crossovers, and even sports cars that see four-season use.

The G-MAX AS-05 is equally at home turning miles on the highway or up a winding mountain road. And it thrives in these varied driving environments no matter the temperature. That’s the advantage of the G-MAX AS-05 over summer high-performance tires which cannot safely be used in temperatures approaching the freezing mark.

“A bold ultra-high-performance tire offering all-season traction. Smart Technologies provide visual wear alerts, performance in all seasons and longer tread life. A smarter tire for a smarter driver.” –

G-MAX AS-05 offers standout traction on wet roads

It’s engineered with a strong emphasis on traction in wet conditions. The high void and angled groove pattern channel water effectively, making water evacuation a breeze and keeping your tread in contact with the pavement, even in standing water conditions.

“Inexpensive and Sticky! So far these tires have surpassed my expectations. Plenty of traction even when pushed (I might be an aggressive driver) and plenty during the wet days which was a major concern for me. All in all I am pleased with these tires performances.” – General G-MAX AS-05 user review, via

Balanced across the range of performance metrics and engineered for responsiveness. Click for larger image.

Balanced across the range of performance metrics and engineered for responsiveness

As compared to most OE (Original Equipment/factory) tires, the G-MAX AS-05 likely offers superior four-season traction and performance, plus equal or better comfort, fuel efficiency, and tire life. It’s a true “jack of all trades” tire for northern driving enthusiasts.

Performance ratings
Click for larger image

A prominent center rib, oversized treadblocks, and a large, flat contact patch contribute to excellent steering responsiveness and stability in performance driving conditions. The G-MAX AS-05’s tread design attributes parallel tires used in more dedicated performance driving contexts.

Imperceptible to the naked eye is the all-important silica compound, which, in combination with the optimized tread design, bonds with any road surface to keep you planted, even under spirited driving conditions.

G-MAX AS-05 mud + snow (M+S) traction rating

The G-MAX AS-05 is engineered with a focus on four-season utility, including wintertime traction, but it’s not without limitation in terms of winter performance. When conditions really take a turn for the worse, the G-MAX AS-05 can become outmatched.

Drivers who regularly face hazardous winter conditions on their commute would be advantaged by a swap to winter tires for optimum traction during the most severe winter months.

Eligible for a 45-day satisfaction trial and a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty

General Tire is confident in your first impressions and miles with the G-MAX AS-05. If you’re not entirely satisfied, it can be exchanged for an alternative within the first 45 days of ownership.*

The G-MAX AS-05 is has a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty. Plus, if you heed all those smart tire condition indicators, follow proper rotation and alignment protocols, it’ll be quite some time before you have to replace them.

Tread indicators help keep you easily informed to extend tire life & performance

General claims the G-MAX AS-05 is “a smarter tire for a smarter driver.” Its tread indicators will especially resonate with smart drivers who appreciate staying in tune with their tire performance, condition, and wear, and optimizing all the above.

Visual Alignment Indicators reveal the early signs of a misaligned vehicle.

Click for larger image

“Replacement Tire Monitor” lettering in the central tread of the tire keeps you informed on tread depth and indicates when the tire will be compromised in certain driving conditions (e.g., on winter or wet roads) due to low tread depth. When the tire becomes expired due to minimum tread depth, the original “Replacement Tire Monitor” phrase evolves to read “Replace Tire.” Simple enough!

The G-Max AS-05 Replacement Tire Monitor

Affordable and available in most Original Equipment tire sizes

General Tire suggests the G-MAX AS-05 has 90% market coverage, meaning if you drive a performance coupe, sedan, or sports car, it’s likely that the G-MAX AS-05 will be a direct fit to your stock wheels.

And chances are, the G-MAX AS-05 will be notably more affordable than your OE rubber. So, when it comes to OE tire replacement, you can step up performance and save some pocket change for those four-season fuel bills, too.

See the G-Max AS-05 in action

Order the General G-MAX AS-05 today, and we’ll deliver free to your doorstep, or to a local installer – often with same-day or next-day service. Want to discuss the G-MAX AS-05 as a potential fit for your vehicle? We’re here to help. Give us a call at (866)-961-8668.

*Some restrictions apply. See for full details.

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