General G-Max RS Overview

For motorsport and driving enthusiasts, the “RS” moniker is no trivial acronym. Standing for “RennSport” – German for racing/motor racing – RS has been applied to distinguished roadgoing performance machines of the past century. Some of the most iconic and significant performance Porsches in history carry this label.

So when an automotive brand invokes the RS name, they mean business.

General Tire has applied the revered RS badge to their premier ultra-high-performance summer tire, the General G-Max RS.

Already an enthusiast favorite thanks to standout performance and excellent affordability, here’s how the G-Max RS is earning its stripes in a “murderers’ row” tire segment.

Category leading, affordable ultra-high performance

For driving enthusiasts, there are few decisions more critical than the choice of new tires. Tires can make or break a vehicle’s performance dynamics and driving characteristics for years to come.

But in many cases, the desire to achieve superior tire performance must be balanced with economics. The question on many enthusiasts’ minds isn’t just what’s the best ultra-high-performance summer tire, but what’s the best ultra-high-performance summer tire for the money? And the more enthusiastically one burns through a set of tires, the more important that money variable typically becomes.

For tire shredders and Sunday cruisers alike, the G-Max RS is vying to be the answer to that question. Positioned as a tier two UHP summer tire, the G-Max RS aims to achieve performance that bumps up against the “money is no object” category leaders, but at a substantially more affordable price point.

And indeed, across many of its 16-20-inch tire sizes, the G-Max RS might save you hundreds of dollars per set as compared to tier one options from certain French and Italian manufacturers.

So, it’s definitely more affordable, but how does the G-Max RS make good on its performance promises?

Integrates a full suite of UHP tire technologies

Integrates a full suite of UHP tire technologies
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You wouldn’t have an easy time distinguishing the G-Max RS from its more expensive competition at a glance. At the tread level it features all of the telltale signs of a serious ultra-high-performance tire.

  • A rock-solid center rib contributes to excellent on-center feel, ultra-responsiveness, and strong longitudinal traction during launches, hard acceleration, and braking.
  • Directional tread pattern, with high void angled notches and (four) prominent circumferential grooves, disperses standing water and guards against aquaplaning.
  • Stiff and solid shoulder blocks, an element of General’s SmartGrip Technology, expand the tire contact patch, delivering real performance gains, and providing a surefooted feel during extreme maneuvering.
  • StabiliTREAD Technology means a large, flat tire footprint that expands the contact patch for maximum traction, plus reduces tread stress for prolonged tread life.
  • These tread technologies are underpinned by a latest-generation UHP Summer silica-based tread compound that delivers impressive grip in dry and wet conditions and great treadwear.

“The performance of the G-Max RS alone is enough to recommend it, but if what we're told is true, the low pricing will be the knock-out punch. Add to that the highest treadwear rating and mileage warranty in the UHP class… and the fact that the G-Max RS is made right here in the U.S.A., and you get a tire that's hard to walk away from.” –

UHP speed ratings

The ultra-high-performance credentials continue with a review of the G-Max RS’s more technical details.

With “W” and “Y” speed ratings across the numerous sizes and specs, the G-Max RS is most likely capable of taking you beyond your vehicle’s governed top speed. (We don’t recommend exploring.)

See the G-Max RS in action

Replacement tire monitor tread system

As you accumulate miles and smiles, the G-Max RS’s replacement tire monitor tread system allows you to easily get a meaningful read of tire wear and potentially spot any wear inconsistencies between the tires as well. Inconsistent wear can occur due to uneven tire pressures, misalignment, lack of tire rotation, and other factors.

When the words “replacement tire monitor” have disappeared from the center rib, it’s time to replace the tire.

For those who would like to double-check tire wear according to feel, the traditional 2/32-inch wear bars are available in the circumferential grooves.

Improving on your vehicle’s factory (OE equipment) tires is always a welcomed outcome for driving enthusiasts. If you can save some money vs. the OE tires too, then that’s a real boon. The General G-Max RS is most definitely one of the likeliest UHP tires on the market to help you achieve both goals.

Have more questions on the General G-Max RS, or want to discuss with our team of performance tire experts? Give us a call at 866-961-8668.

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