General Grabber Arctic LT Review

The General Grabber Arctic LT is engineered for heavy-duty 4x4 truck and SUV audiences and brings the grit required to overcome winter’s toughest challenges.

For many 4x4 truck and SUV drivers, heavy-duty use doesn’t stop just because temperatures hit the freezing mark.

The General Grabber Arctic LT not only achieves the immense winter traction of other winter tires but does so with an “LT” specification, which means superior capability and durability for just about any heavy-duty vehicle purposes.

Here are 10 things you should know about the General Grabber Arctic LT:

1. Available in ten sizes ranging from 16" to 20" in diameter

The Grabber Arctic LT is offered in ten sizes that cater to the “LT” 4x4 truck and SUV audience, meaning a likely fit for your OE wheels.

(See available sizes here.)

2. All Grabber Arctic LT sizes are a heavy-duty specification

The Grabber Arctic LT is distinguished from the majority of Winter tires on the market due to its "LT" or "Light Truck" specification. All sizes of Grabber Arctic LT achieve an "E" (10 ply) load rating.

So, if your towing, hauling, or other heavy-duty vehicle duties don’t stop just because the snow flies, the Grabber Arctic LT is a match.

A deeper look at the Arctic LT. Click for larger.

3. General Tire’s latest & greatest winter tire technologies

As a dedicated winter tire, the Grabber Arctic LT employs winter tire-specific technologies like a soft tread compound that stays pliable in sub-freezing temps, sipes, snow traction ridges, a wide contact patch, aggressive winter-focused tread pattern, and more. It all amounts to exceptional winter traction in any of winter’s variable road conditions.
Advanced technology makes the Arctic a winner. Click for larger.

4. Comes “pinned” and ready for stud install

For extra traction on slick and ice-covered roads, in particular, the Grabber Arctic LT is pinned for easy stud installation.

This studdable tread feature doesn’t detract from the tire’s performance when not studded – think of it as “standing by” for an extra level of potential traction on treacherous winter roads.

(For more information on winter tire studs, including legality state by state, see Studded Winter tires: Pros and Cons.)

5. Reinforced construction = superior durability

The 10-ply construction means the Grabber Arctic LT is up for more off-road adventure than your standard winter tire. After all, just because the trails are snow-covered doesn’t mean the typical off-road puncture and damage hazards aren’t still lurking.

The Grabber Arctic LT’s many plies, and “robust cut-and-chip resistant Duragen” compound contribute to durability that you can count on if your winter travels aren’t exclusive to paved roads.

“I needed a tire which not only was great in the snow and ice of Maine, but also for the back roads during white water season. These have been just about perfect. Coming up on 10k miles and have used them in just about every condition imaginable from snow & ice to mud and rock, on old logging trails and Interstates. So far these are exactly what I was looking for in terms of traction and durability with extra sidewall plies… old logging roads can be treacherous with lots of old logging junk strewn on the roads. Have torn up two OEM tires hitting rocks and metal left behind. So far, not a sign of road damage. Hoping to get some good mileage out of these and so far, no signs of wear. Perfect tire for my environment!” – Grabber Arctic LT user review

6. Livable on a day to day basis

Many LT-specification 4x4 tires don’t necessarily operate “behind the scenes” on a day to day basis. Their heavy-duty construction and more aggressive tread attributes make for increased road noise when rolling on pavement.

Despite the burly winter tread of the Grabber Arctic LT, many users report very satisfactory comfort characteristics.

“I decided to try these for my 2019 Ram 1500. The traction has been good and I have been very impressed by the low noise level and smooth ride. I only run these in the winter so I expect them to last at least 5 years.” – Grabber Arctic LT user review via

7. 16/32" of starting tread depth

The Grabber Arctic LT’s deep tread accomplishes two goals that every winter tire buyer is sure to appreciate:

  • Deep tread depths directly contribute to strong traction in severe winter conditions like deep snow or many inches of messy wintry precipitation. (16/32" is nearly mud-terrain tire tread depth.)
  • The deep starting tread depth means that users will likely be able to achieve many winter seasons of use. How many seasons depends upon the mileage accumulated during each winter, but with proper seasonal tire swaps, even five winters (as reported above) isn’t out of the question! That’s seriously long-lasting value for money.
The Grabber Arctic LT’s deep tread accomplishes two goals

8. Rim protection feature

The Grabber Arctic LT’s extended sidewall profile creates a buffer between your wheels and off-road debris, curbs hidden under inches of snow (we’ve been there), you name it. And the reinforced construction in the sidewall area means that structural damage is unlikely even if you do inadvertently “check” an object.

Rim protection feature
Rim protection feature

9. Comes with a 45-day Satisfaction Trial

If you experience anything other than outstanding winter traction and performance with the Grabber Arctic LT, General allows a free exchange for up to 45 days of use.

(Subject to certain restriction and requirements, see warranty.)

10. The Grabber Arctic LT is eligible for our FAST and FREE delivery

Order the Grabber Arctic LT today, and we’ll deliver free to your doorstep, or a preferred installer – typically within just 1-2 days.

Want to discuss the Grabber Arctic LT for your 4x4 winter needs? We’re stocked for winter and ready to get you rolling with maximum safety and capability. Save time and installation costs over the years with a set of winter wheels. Installed on your winter tires, they’ll make winter and spring change-overs fast, easy and less expensive.

We’ll try to make your Grabber Arctic LT purchase as affordable as possible with our TireBuyer Coupons and Rebates.

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