Four easy generator maintenance tips

Four easy generator maintenance tips

Out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind - especially when you’re talking about seasonal gas-powered tools. It’s especially true for your emergency generator. Here are a few tips to keep your generator ready to go when you need it.

  1. Keep your generator tires inflated. Having a flat tire is never good, and you certainly don’t want a flat when you have an emergency and need to move your generator. Also, if the rim is sitting on the tire over time, eventually the tire will no longer hold air. If your generator needs new tires, we can help!

  2. Run the generator each month. This will keep the generator ready to start on the first few pulls. If there are any issues, you can get them fixed when they happen, not when you really need the generator.

  3. Change the oil each season. Keeping fresh oil is important in any small engine, because it prevents water from building up in the old oil.

  4. Don’t fill your gas tank completely. If you have a full tank of gas and don’t use it, it can actually go bad. So keep a small amount in the tank, and more in a gas can.

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