What You Need to Know About the Hankook Dynapro AT2

Hankook has gone the bold, bullish route with the promotion of their latest all-terrain release, the Hankook Dynapro AT2 (RF11). According to Hankook, the Dynapro AT2 is “The new standard for the All-Terrain segment.”

Hankook’s chest out and posturing is on point – if manufacturers aren’t bringing their A-game into this segment, well then, might as well not participate. Adventurous drivers of 4x4 trucks, SUVs, and CUVs are a selective bunch and aren’t lacking for high-quality options, including already out of the Hankook camp with the excellent Dynapro AT-m (RF10).

Multi-directional tread design
Multi-directional tread design

So what makes the Dynapro AT2 a worthy entrant?

Knowledgeable followers of Hankook’s all-terrain tire range will note the Dynapro AT2 name follows the original Dynapro AT (RF08). However, the Dynapro AT2 is positioned as a successor to the Dynapro AT-m. Hankook suggests the Dynapro AT2 “improves upon its best-selling predecessor AT-M in every category with availability in even more sizes.”

A review of Hankook’s internal tire ratings provides insight into where the Dynapro AT2 has progressed.

Dynapro AT2 vs. Dynapro AT-M
Dynapro AT2 vs. Dynapro AT-M

On-road capabilities are notably improved with boosts in comfort, road noise, and fuel economy, as well as dry and wet traction. The new, innovative and multi-directional tread design delivers a range of traction improvements in various conditions while also bettering tire comfort characteristics.

Grooves & sipes arranged to create better traction
Grooves & sipes arranged to create better traction

Road noise is addressed with new tread technologies, including Step Block Edge Technology, which reduces noise originating from the tread pattern groove.

Step block edge technology reduces road noise
Even more noise reducation

Purposeful design elements at the point of the tire shoulder called Aero Shoulder Technology work to dissipate road noise as well.

Aero Shoulder Technology dissipates road noise
Aero Shoulder Technology dissipates road noise

A wider, advanced tire contact patch and improved tread compound should help to improve tire treadlife. The Dynapro AT2’s treadwear rating (UTQG) is up to 660 (from 560 with the Dynapro AT-M). The maximum mileage warranty has been increased in conjunction from 50,000 miles to 60,000 miles.

So with all of these improvements in on-road driving characteristics, has the Dynapro AT2 gone soft, lost its off-road edge and durability?

In the Hankook “Driving Style” ratings above, the Dynapro AT2 has a much stronger orientation toward on-road than the Dynapro AT-M; however, there’s no indication that the Dynapro AT2 has lost any off-road mettle.

The same updated tread compound that improves treadlife and fuel economy also increases cut and chip resistance.

Hankook puts a lot of stock in the multi-directional tread pattern, which creates more biting tread block edges – the foundation for traction in loose sediment and snow. A two-to-one shoulder lug design carries the traction potential down onto the tire sidewall and provides additional traction in select off-road situations.

The Severe Snow Service rating is carried over from the AT-M too, so better than average snow traction is guaranteed.

High hauling, payload, and towing capacities are complemented by numerous XL and E load range (10 ply) sizes.

The Dynapro AT2 is available now on TireBuyer.com with 38 sizes ranging from 15-20-inches. Give us a call at 866-961-8668 to discuss the Dynapro AT2 for your ride!

Mileage Warranty: 60,000 miles

Customer Satisfaction Trial: 30 Days

Road Hazard: 12 months or first 2/32-inch of wear

Size range: 15-20-inches

Explore the Hankook Dynapro AT2 on TireBuyer.com

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