Get to know the Hercules Avalanche TT

No matter what you drive, achieving consistent and predictable wintertime traction is a top safety priority for all northern drivers. But what if you need to achieve that winter traction while retaining the full, practical use of your pickup truck or cargo van? By fitting winter tires, will you have to forfeit some needed utility in exchange for traction?

After all, just because the snow flies it doesn’t mean your duties are paused. In fact, for many, wintry conditions mean the work is just getting started.

The Hercules Avalanche TT is engineered to conquer winter’s most extreme conditions while keeping you and your vehicle fully functional, without limitations.

The undeterrable Avalanche TT gives larger SUVs, pickup trucks and cargo vans undefeatable winter adventure capability. Whether driving the family to the ski slopes, clearing local roads or making deliveries around town, the Avalanche TT has the power, control and confidence to get you from driveway to destination whenever, wherever, through whatever. When the drive can’t wait on the weather to clear, the Avalanche TT is ready to take on the task

Here are the key points you should know about the brawny Hercules Avalanche TT.

The Avalanche TT is a latest-generation Hercules winter tire

Following up on the success of the Avalanche X-Treme LT, the Avalanche TT meaningfully improves upon its predecessor’s snow and ice traction, plus offers a substantially quieter ride.

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The Avalanche TT is infused with all the latest Winter Tire technologies, including:

  • Winter Tire compound technology, which ensures that no matter how frigid the conditions, the Avalanche TT tread stays pliable and ready to interact with roadways. (The hardening of various alternative types of tires in freezing winter conditions is one big reason why they’re unable to deliver satisfactory traction.)
  • Snow Grabber Grooves leverage Mother Nature’s wintry advantages by trapping snow in the Avalanche TT tread to create powerful snow-on-snow traction potential. (When it comes to snow, nothing is stickier than snow.)
  • Full-depth sipes create countless “biting edges” that grab hold of snow and ice as the tire rolls to help keep you moving forward and in control. And because the sipes are full depth, their functionality is retained throughout the service life of the tire.
  • Hercules Tires are renowned for reasonable cost and long-term value, and the Avalanche TT is no exception.
  • Studdable for the potential of additional traction on icy and extremely slick roadways. The Avalanche TT doesn’t require studs to deliver on its promise of exceptional wintertime traction, but the option is there for drivers who’d like to augment its traction in select winter driving circumstances. (For more about winter tire studs, including which states permit their use, review the laws here.)
  • Previous generation studded Hercules tire

    The Avalanche TT delivers maximum snow, ice, and wet winter road performance

    No ifs, ands, or buts, this is a preeminent Hercules winter tire. If you want to blend extreme vehicle utility with extreme and diverse winter traction, the Avalanche TT is at the very top of the food chain.

    And importantly, its performance has been optimized for the full range of winter road conditions, including wet and variable conditions, which are more common than snow-covered roadways in many locales.

    Designed for heavy-duty work & utility

    The Avalanche TT has been designed with larger SUVs, cargo van deliveries, plow contractors, hauling, and all varieties of heavy-duty winter use in mind.

    Numerous LT specification sizes from 16-22-inch in diameter will likely fit with your vehicle’s load range requirements and factory wheels.

    For those who intend to put the Avalanche TT hard to work, a symmetric tread design facilitates numerous tire rotation patterns to help achieve thousands of miles and potentially many winter seasons of use.

    Eligible for two years of Road Hazard Protection

    The Hercules Promise Plan is one of the finest tire warranty programs in the industry, and the Avalanche TT benefits from two years of its Road Hazard Protection Plan.

    Should your Avalanche TT tires experience irreparable damage as a result of hazardous road conditions like potholes or debris, Hercules will replace the tire(s) free of charge for a period of up to two years or 50% of its tread life.

    Road hazards are especially lurking and difficult to spot during winter – Hercules has your back if the unexpected happens.

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    45-Day Trial

    If you’re not satisfied with your Hercules purchase, you can return them within 45 days of purchase and exchange them for a comparable set of new Hercules tires.

    Stylish sidewall

    Who said seriously hardworking, utilitarian winter tires can’t also offer style? Not Hercules.

    The standout “Hercules” and “Avalanche TT” branding and stylish sidewall art will remind you every time you step into your pickup truck or cargo van that you’re equipped with the best Hercules has to offer and prepped for battle with any winter conditions.

    Learn more about the Hercules Avalanche TT on our TireBuyer product page. Or, give our team of tire experts a call at 866-961-8668 if we can help with any questions about Hercules’s solution to extreme wintertime traction and duties.

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