Hercules Avalanche XUV – Affordable Snow Tires

If you’ve spent a winter season or two with your SUV or CUV and believe that its all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive seems to be lacking, let’s talk tires.

Chances are your vehicle is equipped from the factory with all-season tires, which do a reasonable job of providing traction in a wide variety of weather conditions. However, winter can be a truly extreme driving environment, and for the worst winter conditions, specialized tire performance is required.

To unlock your vehicle’s true wintertime traction potential, you’ll need a true winter tire like the Hercules Avalanche XUV.

A U.S. tire brand since 1952,   has been “quietly redefining value in the replacement tire industry” for over 60 years.

Like many other Hercules tires, the makes serious performance available at a comparatively low cost.

If you’re ready to sync your SUV or CUV’s traction system with tires designed & equipped for winter’s worst, and you’d like to save a few bucks in the process, the Hercules Avalanche XUV is your type of winter tire.

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Here are the quick facts and key points about the Hercules Avalanche XUV.

The Avalanche XUV is a winter tire designed for SUVs and CUVs

With sizes from 18” to 20” in diameter, and load ranges/ply ratings intended to meet or exceed your sport utility vehicle’s factory tires, the Avalanche XUV is designed to be plug and play on a variety of SUVs and crossovers. Simply have them fitted and drive as normal, with the immense traction benefits of winter tires.

“The tailored tread compound, developed especially for CUVs and SUVs, provides a more responsive ride, giving you greater peace of mind even in the harshest winter conditions.”

Comparatively low cost as compared to most other winter tires

Maybe you’ve considered winter tires in the past, but their typically high prices have dissuaded you. Or, perhaps you’re planning to be a first-time winter tire user and don’t want to pay a premium before knowing just how much they’ll improve your wintertime traction.

Either way, the Hercules Avalanche XUV fits the bill. Even as compared to reasonably priced SUV/CUV winter tire alternatives, the Avalanche XUV could save you hundreds of dollars.

“I wasn’t looking to spend a bunch of money on tires just because companies use marketing to persuade consumers to buy it. I did my research and found this tire is made by an oldie but goodie company. Not only that; they do look good and have an aggressive tread and surprisingly quiet ride on pavement. For you guys and gals on a budget and driving a 4 wheel drive SUV, like a Jeep Grand Cherokee, I totally recommend this tire.” – TireBuyer.com Hercules Avalanche XUV customer review

Includes functional and proven winter tire technologies

Don’t let the low cost mislead you – the Avalanche XUV delivers functional and proven winter tire technologies that are also featured with top tier winter tires, including:

  • A winter-focused tread compound that stays flexible even in sub-freezing temperatures, unlike alternative tires that harden in the cold and lose grip accordingly.
  • Hercules Snow Grip Technology boosts acceleration and stopping performance in the toughest winter road conditions.
  • Snow Grabber Grooves are specifically designed to trap snow in the tread, which creates powerful snow-on-snow traction. For a basic demonstration of this principle, consider a snowball, or a snowman, whichever you prefer… Snow sticks to snow, and therefore snow in the tire tread works to bind to snow on the road surface creating powerful “natural” traction.
  • Thin grooves throughout the tire tread, called sipes, work to cut through precipitation so that the tire tread maintains more consistent contact with the road surface.

The Avalanche XUV is “studdable”

If you live in a state that permits studs, the Avalanche XUV is studdable as well. This means that in addition to the winter traction benefits detailed just above, you could gain additional traction advantages on icy roads, especially. There is no performance downside to a winter tire being studdable, only upside if you wish to install studs and leverage this additional winter traction advantage.

Features a cross-rotational, symmetric tread design

In layman’s terms, this means that the Hercules Avalanche XUV can be rotated in ideal patterns on your vehicle, which will help to extend tire treadlife.

While mileage and use conditions will influence tire life, it’s safe to say that most Avalanche XUV buyers will achieve many winter seasons of use before tread expiration.

If the already low cost of the Avalanche XUV is considered on a “cost per winter” basis, then the value is truly remarkable!

Backed by the Hercules Performance Promise Warranty

Hercules is a U.S. brand with an 800 number for consumer relations, and should you run into unexpected trouble with your set of Hercules tires, the Performance Promise Warranty has you covered.

The Avalanche XUV is covered under two main elements of the warranty:

  1. Road Hazard Protection for up to two years or the first half of the tread life. If your Hercules tires are damaged beyond repair due to any road hazards, Hercules will provide a replacement(s) free of charge.

“Even the best roads can have hazards lurking just around the bend. Pesky potholes, nails, glass and other debris can really be unkind to your tires. At Hercules, we help you fight back with a groundbreaking Road Hazard Protection Program that offers FREE REPLACEMENT for any Hercules brand passenger and light truck tire for two years or the first 50% of tread life.”

  1. 45-Day Trial: If you are not satisfied with your Hercules purchase, you can return them within 45 days of purchase and exchange them for a comparable set of new Hercules tires.

If you’re ready to unlock the true wintertime traction potential of your SUV or CUV without breaking the bank, the is equipped and ready for winter duty.

If we can help you find the right set of Avalanche XUV tires for your vehicle, or answer any questions, please give our team of tire experts a call at 866-961-8668.

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