Tire installation and maintenance

Rotating your tires

This simple task can keep you safe on the road, save you money, and keep your warranty valid.  
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Vehicle Inspections and TPMS Sensors
Your TPMS warning light is on and you have a state inspection. Will your car fail the test? We have the answers.
Why do my tires rub when turning?
Don’t let your tires rub you wrong. Here’s how to solve the problem.
Why are my tires vibrating?
What causes driving vibrations? What are the most likely reasons for your vehicle’s vibrations? Here are some potential causes, explanations, and solutions.
What causes tires to cup?
Cupped tires can be uniquely identified by their distinct high and low spots.
When to replace tires
Should you wait until your tires need replacing to consider changing them? Here’s a quick guide.
Prevent tire cracking/dry rot
You can’t always protect tires from the elements, but here are some things you can do to prolong tire life.
Fixing your car: DIY or mechanic?
We outline which vehicle maintenance tasks are easy to tackle on your own - and when to call in a pro.
How to make your tires last longer
Want to make your tires last as long as possible? We've got you covered. Follow these simple steps to maximize the life of your tires.
Top ten tire storage tips
If you think storing tires is as simple as stacking 'em up in the garage -- check out these helpful tips.
Breaking in your new tires
Just like new shoes, your new tires need to be "broken in. Find out why it's best to go easy at first.
Mounting and balancing
Find out exactly what your local tire professional is doing when they're putting new tires on your car.
What’s a tire/wheel alignment?
Find out why it’s a good idea to get an alignment now and then — and how much it’ll cost you.
Tire rotation patterns
Find out exactly what your local tire professional is doing when they're putting new tires on your car.
TPMS 101
Do you have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System? Find out what TPMS does for you, and how to care for it.
Build a DIY tire storage rack
Check out this time-lapse video and watch us make a simple tire rack for storing extra tires.

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