Lawn, garden, and golf tire size guide

Not sure what size tire you need for your lawn mower or tractor? No worries - you can find everything you need in the owner’s manual for your mower, tractor or other piece of lawn equipment. If the owner’s manual isn’t available, go straight to the source - the tire size is right on the side of the tire itself.

On the sidewall of a tire, you’ll find the manufacturer’s name and model number, along with the required inflation pressure (expressed as pounds per square inch, or psi). The sizing information, which is what we’re after, can be identified by a series of numbers like 4.80-8 or 16 x 6.50-8. Please note that you may need to clean the side of the tire to see this information.

There are two main sizing formats for lawn mower tires - two-number and three-number. Here’s how to interpret each size:

Two-number format

(For example, 4.80-8 or “four eighty by eight”)

  1. We have no idea why it’s said that way. No one seems to have a good answer for that.
  2. The width of the tire is 4.8 inches.
  3. The diameter of the rim this tire fits (rim size) is 8 inches.

Three-number format

(Eg. 16 x 6.50-8 or “sixteen six fifty by eight”)

  1. Sounds even worse when said aloud.
  2. The overall height of the tire is 16 inches.
  3. The width of the tire is 6.5 inches.
  4. The diameter of the rim this tire fits (rim size) is 8 inches.

Note: you may see the letters “NHS” after either of these numbering systems. This simply means “non-highway service,” so keep your mower in the yard and off the freeway!

Still not sure what size tire you need? Our lawn and garden tire experts are just a phone call away at (866) 961-8668.

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