Lawn mower tire maintenance tips

Want to extend the life of your lawn mower tires? Fantastic! All you need are a few proper maintenance tips and a keen eye for sharp objects.

  1. The number one thing you can do to prolong the life of your mower’s tires: maintain proper air pressure.

    Riding on an underinflated tire can lead to tire failure. Underinflated tires simply can’t support the full weight of your mower. You also want to avoid overinflating your tires. Overinflated tires can lead to blowouts, and trust us, blowouts are never a fun thing to deal with when mowing the lawn - especially when you're on a hill. Besides being prone to blowouts, overinflated tires can start to “cone out” at the center of the tread. Coning out is when the tire bubbles out at the center, forming a point like the tip of a cone. Coned-out tires not only look terrible, they can also leave some big ruts in your lawn when you're rolling along. Probably not the look you’re going for.

  2. Store your mower out of direct sunlight.

    A cool shed, your garage, or a shady area under a tarp are all good options for storing your lawn mower. When your tires are overexposed to direct sunlight they can develop dry rot - a condition where the sidewall of the tire begins to crack. When your tire has dry rotted, it loses the ability to maintain air pressure, potentially leading to a blowout.

  3. Avoid harsh chemicals when washing your mower.

    Several soaps and cleaning agents contain chemicals that, if left on the tires over time, can corrode the sidewall of the tire. Be sure to rinse well before storing your mower!

  4. Here’s where that keen eye comes into play. Don’t run over sharp objects.

    I know, this tip isn’t exactly an epiphany. We’re talking about nails, knives, needles, thorns, screws, bolts, glass, rocks, shark teeth, harpoons, arrows, cactus/cacti and/or porcupines. As long as you attempt to avoid these kinds of hazards, your tires will stand a far better chance of making it through the season.

We want to keep you safe out there on your lawn, so follow these simple maintenance tips (and avoid porcupines)! If you have any questions about purchasing tires, or which tires are right for your mower, feel free to give us a call at (866) 961-8668.

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