Michelin Brand Promise

The concept of product warranty dates back millennia, and has consistently been a part of business practice and consumerism in civilizations around the globe. Product warranty is now so ingrained in our modern consumer consciousness that just about any notable purchase is scrutinized according to the post-purchase guarantees and assurances provided by the manufacturer. The thinking is: Any company can talk quality and customer satisfaction, but are they willing to actually stand behind their product once the sale has been made?

The Michelin Brand Promise satisfies that consumer demand for quality assurances perhaps better than any other tire warranty program to date. The Michelin Brand Promise goes beyond the typical “if it breaks” warranty concept. It’s also a promise of excellent product performance over the long-term, and meeting customer expectations.

If you’re familiar with the company, it should come as no surprise that Michelin is leading the way. For 130 years they’ve been a leader in the tire industry with consistent innovation, and an unimpeachable reputation for product quality. That long history of product quality and success informs the Michelin Brand Promise.

If you purchase a set of passenger or light truck replacement tires for your vehicle1, here’s what the Michelin Brand Promise delivers:

30-Day satisfaction guarantee

“If you’re not 100% satisfied, bring the tires and original sales receipt back to the place of purchase within 30 days for a new set of tires."

The Michelin Brand Promise especially stands apart from a typical product warranty because of this customer satisfaction component. Product warranties typically only come into play when the product is broken or defective. Michelin allows for the customer to return the tires based upon his or her personal dissatisfaction with the driving experience.

Few purchases are as influential on a day to day basis as a new set of tires. They have a fundamental influence on daily driving comfort, vehicle performance and dynamics, and safety across a range of road conditions. And yet unlike a new pair of shoes or a TV that’s purchased after seeing it in action at the store, you really don’t know how you’ll like your tires until they’re actually mounted on your vehicle.

Michelin’s promise of proper function and driver satisfaction speaks volumes as to their confidence in the product, and assures customers their new Michelin tires will meet their needs and expectations.

3-Year flat tire changing assistance

“A qualified service professional will change your flat tire or provide towing at no charge, 24/7.”

Road hazards are unavoidable, and even the sturdiest of tires can succumb to extreme examples. However, high quality tires that are maintained in good condition are less likely to be prone to punctures and failures.

Three-year flat tire changing assistance is a testament to Michelin’s confidence in the structural integrity of their tires. In the unlikely event that you do experience an immobilizing flat, Michelin lends a hand with tire changing assistance or even a tow if necessary.

Treadlife/mileage warranty

“MICHELIN® passenger and light truck tires are covered by a limited warranty for treadwear."

Michelin offers exceptional treadlife/mileage warranties on many of their tires. The Michelin Defender, for example, is warrantied up to 90,000 miles.

This means if the tire tread expires (less than 2/32-inch) before the treadlife/mileage warranty is reached, Michelin will offer you a credit toward a new set of tires.2 (A pro-rated refund for the difference between the miles promised and the miles delivered – learn more about treadlife/mileage warranty.)

Driver satisfaction, tire strength and structural integrity (flat tire changing assistance), and a long-term mileage guarantee – these are the elements of the Michelin Brand Promise that work to guarantee customers a positive experience.

If you like what the Michelin Brand Promise has to offer, check out the full line of Michelin tires on TireBuyer.com.


  1. Certain restrictions may apply. See the Michelin Brand Promise program details on MichelinMan.com and the Owner’s Manual for full information.
  2. Subject to proper tire rotation and care protocols. Consult the Owner’s Manual for guidelines and documentation requirements.
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