Continental TrueContact Tour and Continental PureContact LS Tire

Get the scoop on the Continental TrueContact Tour and Continental PureContact LS Tire

High performance tires of all varieties tend to attract the headlines and attention, but it's the everyday, all season tires that accrue the majority of miles on American roadways. Fitted to passenger cars, minivans, and crossovers, the role of "daily driver" all season tires is immensely important.

Continental is a recognized leader in this category. Their TrueContact and all season tires in particular have developed excellent reputations for reliable traction and performance, strong comfort attributes, and long treadlife.

Newly updated and improved versions of each are now available. The TrueContact Tour and PureContact LS are the latest in Continental's portfolio of outstanding everyday, all season tires.

Here’s the need to know info on both new tires.

Continental TrueContact Tour

The original TrueContact has been a go-to in the standard touring all season tire category for years. With a 4.5/5 overall rating on, and over 70% of users awarding the TrueContact a 5/5 rating, it’s safe to say that the TrueContact has met and exceeded most user expectations for daily all season use.

The TrueContact Tour promises to measurably improve upon the original TrueContact. Advantages over its predecessor include:

A 27% increase in tire treadlife. The TrueContact Tour is now Continental’s “longest lasting all season tire,” with 80,000 miles (details below).

  • Superior fuel economy.
  • Enhanced comfort characteristics thanks to Continental’s Comfort Ride Technology.
  • New traction grooves and tread characteristics to enhance snow traction.
  • Improved wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. “EcoPlus Technology’s +Silane provides an optimum balance of exceptional wet grip and extended tread life.” (

Other TrueContact Tour perks include a symmetric tread pattern for optimum tire rotation patterns and treadlife potential, as well as an Alignment Verification System to visibly alert the driver (or shop) of the need for an alignment. Also, “D” (Dry), “W” (Wet) and “S” (Snow) performance indicators in the tread communicate the tire’s suitability for road conditions according to tread wear, and take the guesswork out of tire condition. For example, once the tread is worn below the “S” indicator in the tread (it’s no longer visible), the tire should not be counted on to achieve its maximum snow traction.

The TrueContact Tour is ideal for everyday coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers.

Mileage Warranty: 80,000 miles (T & H speed rated) | 70,000 miles (V speed rated)

Customer Satisfaction Trial: 60 Days

Road Hazard: 12 months or first 2/32" of wear

Flat Tire Change: 36 Months

Size range: 15" – 19"

Continental PureContact LS

The PureContact LS follows in the tracks of a proven performer, the original PureContact. The PureContact LS is distinguished from the “standard touring” TrueContact Tour by enhanced performance attributes, which make it a fit for sport- and luxury-oriented, daily driver passenger vehicles. The PureContact LS utilizes an asymmetric tread pattern for enhanced cornering grip and overall handling characteristics.

“A luxury sport performance tire that delivers a quiet, comfortable ride blended with long wear, best-in-class wet braking, and all-season performance.”

PureContact LS highlights and advancements include:

  • A 50% reduction in road noise as compared to the original PureContact.
  • A 23% improvement in tire life and 700 treadwear rating.
  • A 10% improvement in wet road traction.
  • New traction grooves to further optimize snow performance.

Like the TrueContact Tour, the PureContact LS features the same helpful “D,” “W,” and “S” wear indicators, and Alignment Verification System so that you always know where you stand on tire life, capability, and wear.

Mileage Warranty: 70,000 miles

Customer Satisfaction Trial: 60 Days

Road Hazard: 12 months or first 2/32" of wear

Flat Tire Change: 36 Months

Size range: 16" – 20"

Be sure to check out the TrueContact Tour and PureContact LS when it’s time to replace and upgrade the tires on your daily driver!

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