Our 10 Favorite Things about the Nexen Roadian MTX

The most hardcore tire in all of Nexen’s tire lineup, the is built to stand up to the most treacherous off-road terrain on the planet.

Some tires are built to provide 4x4s with good all season traction on the street. Others are reasonably capable in both paved and mild off-road environments. Still others are constructed to conquer the most treacherous off-road terrain on the planet, and manage loads otherwise reserved for semi-trailer trucks.

The Nexen Roadian MTX falls into that final category. It’s a no-compromises, no excuses off-road/mud-terrain tire built to exceed typical tire performance limitations both on- and off-road.

Nexen might not be the first company that you’d associate with off-road tire prowess, but the Roadian MTX is not to be overlooked as a bona fide option for your 4x4 truck or SUV requirements. Here are ten things to know about the Nexen Roadian MTX.

1. The Roadian MTX is a full-fledged mud-terrain tire

The purposeful design of the Nexen Roadian MTX leaves no mystery as to its intentions.

“Watch out mud, we think you’ve met your match. Introducing the Nexen MTX Mud Terrain. (The “X” stands for “Extreme.”) Engineered with deep grooves to stand up to mud and rough terrain. A super rigid tread block design maximizes load durability.” –  TireBuyer.com

Rated as a “10” by Nexen for off-road performance, the Roadian MTX is Nexen’s benchmark in this area and the most capable off-road tire that Nexen has ever produced.

(The milder all-terrain is scored a “9” for off-road performance.)

2. Up to “F” load range (certain sizes & specs)

Load range is a measure of a tire’s maximum load capacity. (For more information: What’s a tire ply rating?)

An “E” or “10 ply” load range is considered hugely capable in the world of all-terrain and mud-terrain tires. An “F” load range represents a 12-ply equivalent tire and is the highest rating you’ll find on a road-going 4x4 tire.

Along with the serious ply construction, a super rigid tread block design maximizes load durability.

Like we said, the Roadian MTX is fit for hauling and managing loads otherwise reserved for semi-trucks.

3. Comes with your choice of sidewall design style

With a dual sidewall design, the Roadian MTX allows you to choose which sidewall style you prefer – “Machine” or “Beast.” The former is a more subtle approach, the latter announces itself, well, rather loudly.

Can’t choose? Run one style on one side of your 4x4, the other on the opposite. There, now you’re both understated and outspoken.

4. Patented tread block design reduces road noise

Mud-terrain tires are commonly vocal on the road, especially at highway speeds. The “penalty” and compromise for the aggressive tread design and rugged capability is there’s no way to completely disguise the blow of those mega individual tread blocks as they impact the pavement.

But Nexen’s made an effort to reduce road noise to the maximum extent possible with a patented tread block design that accomplishes the difficult road comfort/off-road capability performance duality.

So, despite the “Beast” sidewall profile, the Roadian MTX actually does deliver some civility on the street.

5. Sizes range from 15" to 22"

The Roadian MTX is currently available in 35 sizes ranging from 15" to 22", including popular 33", 35" and 37" flotation sizes. (In 15", 17", 18", 20" and 22" diameters.)

6. Lateral and angled lugs maximize off-road traction

Like all purpose-built off-road tires, the Roadian MTX features a tread design that is specifically engineered to perform in its target environment.

The Roadian MTX’s lateral and angled lugs work to claw through soft terrain and cling to various terrain elements. The tread utilizes every available traction advantage to maintain forward progress.

7. Sizes 20" and up include a rim protector

In recognition of the increased likelihood of damage on large wheels (20" and up), the Roadian MTX incorporates a rim protection element on the lower sidewall that will help to protect wheels against occasional curb checks and other driver mishaps. (Those darn things come out of nowhere.)

8. Developed in real-world conditions

Nexen developed the Roadian MTX on roads, highways, and in the rugged mountainous terrain of Southern California. A development ethos that should translate to positive results no matter your regular driving conditions.

9. The Roadian MTX is affordable

Due to their sturdy, reinforced construction attributes and massive tread, mud-terrain tires are more costly than mild street-oriented tires. But don’t be surprised to see a lower price point on the Roadian MTX as compared to more well-known mud-terrain options.

For example, in size 295/70-17, the Roadian MTX is nearly $300 less per set than a leading mud-terrain competitor.

Not all Roadian MTX sizes and specs will be less costly than the competition, but relative affordability is a Nexen theme.

10. Comes with 36 months of free roadside assistance

The 36-month Roadside Assistance Plan is an indication of Nexen’s confidence in the sturdiness of the Roadian MTX, and the unlikelihood of a flat or any type of tire failure.

The Roadside Assistance Plan “Covers your tires 24/7/365 for a period of 36 months from date of purchase. In case of flat tire, a qualified professional will change your flat tire with your spare tire free of charge. If a working spare is not available or you have two or more flat tires, towing will be provided free of charge to the nearest Nexen Tire dealer or authorized place of repair.” – NexenTireUSA.com

Want to talk about the Roadian MTX for your 4x4 truck or SUV? We probably have what you need in stock and ready for delivery to your front doorstep or preferred tire installer. Give us a shout at 866-961-8668.

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