Nexen’s Total Coverage Tire Warranty

Nexen Tire has been “driving a better tomorrow” since 1956, and with that substantial history and strong foundation, the company offers an industry-leading tire warranty package.

When you purchase most Nexen tires, you’re eligible for Nexen’s Total Coverage Tire Warranty, which includes a series of benefits that extends long after your purchase. The Total Coverage Warranty adds legitimate long-term value, security, and peace of mind to your tire purchase.

Nexen’s commitment to tire quality and first-class customer care becomes very clear with a review of the high points of the Nexen warranty. The brand assures its customers, “WE GET YOU HOME SAFELY.” Here’s how Nexen makes good on that promise.

Treadwear Mileage Warranty

A hallmark of most any tire warranty is treadwear/mileage coverage, and Nexen is no exception. Across various tire categories, Nexen delivers treadwear mileage warranties that compete with the very best in the industry.

Examples include 65,000 miles for the Nexen N5000 Plus, a whopping 80,000 miles for the Nexen Aria AH7, and 65,000 miles for the Nexen NFERA RU5.

How does Nexen’s treadwear mileage warranty work?

If your set of Nexen tires reaches minimum tread depth (2/32-inch) prior to the warrantied mileage, Nexen will credit back to you (pro-rated) for the difference between mileage achieved and mileage warrantied.

For treadwear warranty information on the Nexen tires you’re considering, you can review the Nexen Total Warranty Coverage information by tire.

Roadside assistance

Should you experience a flat due to a pothole, nail, or another type of debris, Nexen will deliver roadside assistance. If your vehicle carries a spare tire, a roadside assistance service person will assist with the swap. If your vehicle doesn’t carry a spare, Nexen’s Roadside Assistance will provide a tow to the nearest tire shop for repair.

This incredible roadside assistance security extends for three years post-purchase!

Road hazard warranty

In the event of unrepairable tire damage, the warranty coverage continues even after roadside assistance has bailed you out. You won’t have to bear the cost of a replacement tire.

If catastrophic tire damage such as a major puncture, snag, cut, bruise or impact break does occur during the warranty period, Nexen will provide you with a replacement tire at no charge. You only need to cover the cost of mounting and balancing the new replacement tire.

This trifecta of high value warranty assurances, from long treadwear and mileage, to roadside assistance and road hazard replacement, characterizes the Nexen Total Coverage Warranty.

Activating and maintaining your Nexen warranty

You might be thinking, fine print time…here we go,” but activating and maintaining the Nexen Total Coverage Warranty isn’t arduous at all.

To be eligible for three years of Roadside Assistance, visit the Nexen Tire Registration page after your purchase. Be sure to register before you have a Roadside Assistance “event.” At least 24 hours must elapse between registration and the Roadside Assistance request.

If a treadwear mileage, workmanship and materials, or any other type of warranty claim must be made, then you have to do so with an authorized Nexen Tire dealer. Find one that’s in your neighborhood here.

Also, be sure to hang onto and bring along your original proof of purchase and original installation documentation for the purposes of any warranty claim with an authorized Nexen dealer.

To stay in good standing with the Nexen Total Coverage Warranty, tires must be properly installed with proper air pressure and wheels balanced. Correct air pressure should be maintained and every 6,000 miles the tires must be rotated, and alignment checked. Hang on to paperwork associated with these services, like your original proof of purchase and installation. Keep in mind that such tire rotation and vehicle alignment protocols are the norm, and advisable for proper tire performance and overall vehicle safety.

Nexen’s Total Coverage Warranty is one of the very best in the business. In stark contrast with typical warranty fine print, exclusions, and meaningless coverages, Nexen’s warranty adds very real long-term security and value to your tire purchase.

To discuss a set of Nexen tires that could be a fit for your ride, check out Nexen tires on TireBuyer, or give our team of tire experts a call at 866-961-8668.


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