Nitto NT420V Product Review

As compared to where it all began for pickup trucks and SUVs, it’s almost hard to believe that today’s performance and luxury beasts are of the same lineage.

Having perhaps more in common with a Rolls-Royce than their original predecessors, modern luxury trucks and SUVs have created the need for a whole new category of tire development.

Performance tire experts Nitto are well-suited to fill the void. Their latest all-season luxury truck and SUV tire, the NT420V was engineered from the ground up to complement the style, comfort, and serious performance of these modern land yachts.

Design & style

If your truck or SUV has 20-inch wheels or larger, then it’s safe to assume that style is a priority. And when wheels are this big, eyes are naturally drawn to them and the associated rubber. The NT420V’s asymmetric tread design is a beautiful, unique blend of form and function that can be seen from a distance. A closeup look at the tread reveals serrations that create striking contrast and depth in select tread areas.

Tread close up
Tread close up
Tread design
Tread design

Sidewall design is similarly noticeable, with textured lettering and design elements and very cool triangle arches near the base of the sidewall where tire meets wheel.

Sidewall design
Sidewall design

The NT420V’s attention-grabbing design is a match for fashionable trucks and SUVs, along with some real performance substance.

Are Nitto NT420V tires good in the rain?

The NT420V is unlikely to be troubled by wet roads and standing water thanks to two wide circumferential grooves that funnel water away from the tread blocks to prevent hydroplaning. Numerous inner lateral grooves contribute biting edges to augment wet traction.

Performance tire manufacturers utilize asymmetric tread patterns to achieve greater performance diversity and high levels of performance in multiple areas like dry and wet road conditions.

The NT420V’s asymmetric design includes large outer blocks, which maximize the tire contact patch and create greater stability under load and while cornering. The immense weight and high performance of many luxury trucks and SUVs can flat out overwhelm many tires, which will get “squirmy” under load. The NT420V’s outer tread block design counteracts this tendency to deliver a solid, connected, and responsive handling feel.

Outer tread blocks
Outer tread blocks

Are Nitto NT420V tires good in the snow?

Like many all-season tires, the NT420V is equipped to manage light winter conditions. For more severe and consistently challenging winter road conditions, winter tires will offer substantial traction advantages.

The NT420V in action
The NT420V in action

Are Nitto NT420V tires directional?

The NT420V’s maximized tread surface area has another benefit – long treadlife and even wear. It encourages the vehicle’s weight to be evenly dispersed across its large tread blocks instead of smaller tread blocks that can be individually stressed and prematurely worn down, especially by heavy luxury trucks and SUVs.

And although the NT420V is asymmetric, it’s a non-directional tread design, which means cross tire rotation pattern options for extended tire life.

Are Nitto NT420V tires good for towing?

“NT420V® in LT-metric sizes are constructed to handle heavier ¾ to 1-ton trucks like heavy-duty diesel trucks.” –

Luxury trucks and SUVs might fit in at the valet lot, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their utility or that owners won’t run them as hard as they would less chic 4x4s.

The NT420V addresses the “daily luxury + weekend utility” audience as well. With LT-metric sizes and up to F / 12 ply ratings available, it’s a tire capable of hauling, towing, loading up the whole family and a week’s worth of supplies, or just about any other heavy load activities. Tires are available in LT-metric sizes for ¾ to 1-ton trucks.

Are Nitto NT420V tires quiet?

Nitto’s asymmetric sipes and groove count, plus a variable pitch tread block design work to reduce road noise and quell noise frequency peaks and patterns that might otherwise develop at certain speeds.

But keep in mind that the NT420V is a performance-oriented tire with large tread blocks and a maximized contact patch. In exchange for the strong performance attributes and maximized rubber to road, the NT420V will not be “whisper quiet” like more purely comfort-oriented tires are.

Incredible value

Probably unlike the wheels to which they’ll be fitted, the NT420V is an incredible value for money and one of the most affordable plus-sized tires on the market.

In sizes 20-22-inches, the NT420V is one of the most economical name brand tires you’ll find. Most other 20-inch+ tires will set you back a lot more.

If you’re looking to improve the performance and feedback of your luxury truck or SUV, the Nitto NT420V is a strong candidate. Add legitimate utility and strong value to the equation, and Nitto’s latest luxury truck and SUV tire becomes even more compelling.

Shop the NT420V or give our team of tire experts a call: 866-961-8668.

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