Nitto NT421Q: Optimized SUV & CUV tire performance

The aims to bring out the best possible on-road performance and attributes from your SUV or CUV. If your generic factory tires are nearing expiration, here’s why the NT421Q is worthy of a strong look.

Are Nitto NT421Q tires good in the snow?

Commonly equipped with all-wheel or four-wheel drive traction systems, SUVs and CUVs are typically run through four seasons. The NT421Q is designed to deliver in these widely variable temperatures and weather conditions.

The NT421Q’s asymmetric tread pattern performs well in multiple seasons:

  • The inside tread, with large, open grooves, creates “evacuation” channels for water and wintry precipitation. Additionally, high sipe density in this tread area provides countless biting edges that help the tire cut through layers of precipitation and maintain contact with the road surface.
  • Wet road conditions are also managed with three deep circumferential grooves that improve water evacuation and prevent hydroplaning.
Nitto NT421Q Tread
Nitto NT421Q Tread
  • The outer shoulder of the NT421Q is a source for even more siping, which boosts both wet and snow traction.
Nitto NT421Q Siping
Nitto NT421Q Siping
  • Importantly, an all-temperature tread compound ensures that the NT421Q maintains a baseline (safe) traction capability, whether it’s 80° or -10° Fahrenheit.

Are Nitto NT421Q tires quiet?

SUVs and CUVs are hugely popular daily commuters, which means the occupants should be insulated from road noise and ride discomfort.

The NT421Q’s diverse and capable tread also happens to be among the quietest and most comfortable in Nitto’s entire tire catalog.

Nitto NT421Q performance ratings as compared to similar Nitto tires.
Nitto NT421Q performance ratings as compared to similar Nitto tires.

Are Nitto NT421Q tires performance & handling?

The NT421Q offers excellent tread block stability, which can transform handling attributes, provide a planted, solid feel, and enhance driver feedback in heavy, tall SUVs and CUVs. Nitto knows how to make a tire handle and stick like glue with the best of them, and while it’s not an extreme performance tire like some of the other Nitto products, the NT421Q gets just enough of that knowhow to improve the driving dynamics of your SUV or CUV.

“I had tried to find a better tire for a (Mazda) CX-9 which is on an occasional hill with snow in Dayton, OH. Mostly we use the CX-9 for highway… This NITTO 421Q is the perfect tire for the CX9 (FWD). It still handles awesome in rain and snow. It's still fabulous on highway trips and easily can accommodate > 80 MPH with no issues, it's a great handling, quiet riding tire. I can't say enough about it. My wife even commented how great the tire is, so that should tell you everything you need to know if she noticed the difference.” - Nitto NT421Q customer review via

H, V, and W speed ratings underscore the NT421Q’s sportiness relative to most other SUV and CUV tires.

What is the treadlife on the Nitto NT421Q?

Class leading warranty
Class leading warranty

The NT421Q is reinforced for rough roads, and the tread is engineered to withstand premature or irregular wear as well.

With a 560 or 640 UTQG treadwear rating (depending upon tire size), the NT421Q is warrantied for up to 75,000-miles in H & V speed rated sizes and 60,000-miles for W speed rated.

To help you monitor tread wear and maximize mileage, the NT421Q includes “intelligent maintenance indicators” that reveal how tires are wearing and let you know when something is off before it’s too late.


To maintain warranty validity and maximize tire life, be sure to follow tire rotation and alignment protocols, and keep your tires inflated to vehicle specification.

Available in sizes from 17” to 22” in diameter, the Nitto NT421Q will be “plug and play” on most vehicles and could be the missing piece of the puzzle for your SUV’s or CUV’s performance optimization.

Ready to move on from generic tires and give SUV- and CUV-specific tire performance a shot? Or, have any additional questions about the ? Give our team of tire experts a call at 866-961-8668!

*Customer rating data as of 1/6/2021.

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