Behind the Wheel: Pirelli PZero All Season Plus Review

You know those performance car tests involving some picturesque location with perfect driving roads in ideal weather conditions?

Well, driving nirvana isn’t daily driving reality for most of us. Unless you’re currently tuning in from Monaco or Maui, then you have real-world factors to contend with too: Imperfect roads that border on disrepair in some states, fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions, and routine/everyday use considerations, not just drives up into the Alps at sunset.

Driving enthusiasts who are easily persuaded into performance car acquisition (aren’t we all?) often face the challenge of amending that car to fit their circumstances.

One of the best ways to adapt a car to specific environments is with tires. Specifically, a switch from Performance Summer tires, which are commonly OE on performance cars, to Performance All Season tires can gain northern driving enthusiasts many additional months of vehicle use and enjoyment throughout the year, plus other benefits.

Enter the Pirelli PZero All Season Plus, an “Ultra High Performance, all season tire, for performance and driving enthusiasts.” Engineered for fitment to performance cars, the PZero All Season Plus is billed as the pathway to everyday driving for those who don’t reside in the ideal locations portrayed in magazine tests.

We’ve just logged a chunk of miles in mixed conditions on everything from highways to winding back roads – here’s a sneak peek at what drivers of the PZero All Season Plus can expect.

Designed for variable temperatures & conditions

Wide temperature and condition flexibility is the main advantage of Performance All Season Tires relative to summer-specific alternatives. (See All-season tires vs. summer tires for more feedback.) This is a point of emphasis that became appropriately relevant just a short time after our new Pirellis were mounted.

PZero All Season Plus fitment occurred on a beautiful, 65° F Saturday in spring; fast-forward three days and morning temperatures are in the low 30s with mixed precipitation. Welcome to the Midwest in April.

And so in conditions that are not conducive to Summer Performance tire use whatsoever, we’re enjoying the BMW M3’s sweet V8 in combination with the many advantages of Pirelli’s latest performance tire technology. That’s the real world advantage of Performance All Season tires in a nutshell.


As compared to our well-used, dismounted Summer Performance tires, the PZero All Season Plus is a notable step ahead in the comfort department.

Compliance over bumps and road imperfections of all varieties is significantly improved. If your local roads are anything like ours, then this factor alone is likely compelling.

The PZero All Season Plus doesn’t make use of Pirelli’s PNCS noise-canceling technology, but road noise is very low on a consistent basis, and regardless of speed and road type. Particularly noticeable is the minimal reactivity to road surface changes. On roads where crews have cobbled together many pavement types as they work to stem the tide of degradation, certain tires will loudly “announce” those pavement variations. The PZero All Season Plus’s consistently low road noise and surface reactivity is a real perk. It’s an exceptionally quiet performance tire.

These comfort characteristics make the PZero All Season Plus a great option for everyday highway use, and/or extended drives and road trips. Count on the PZero All Season Plus to not contribute to the fatigue factor.

Handling & performance

Condition flexibility and strong comfort attributes are great, but any performance tire has to complement the performance vehicle to which it’s fitted – is the PZero All Season Plus too soft for driving enthusiasts?

Not based on our experience. We’ve found the PZero All Season Plus very satisfying when pushed on winding back roads.

The best Ultra-High Performance Summer tires deliver an “up on the tippy toes” type of handling responsiveness. As compared to tires of this group, e.g., the P-Zero (PZ4), a small amount of tire flex/give through the bends might be perceived by particularly focused, in-tune drivers. The PZero All Season Plus doesn’t possess quite the handling sharpness of its summer-focused peer – there’s just a hint of laziness through transitions, and lateral vehicle weight transfers at higher speeds.

The primary reason for this handling difference has to do with PZero All Season Plus’s more complex asymmetric tread design and tread compound. Simply put, the PZero All Season Plus tread has much more going on; a reflection of the wide variety of conditions that it’s designed to contend with as compared to the more focused Summer Performance Tire.

A glimpse at the PZero All Season Plus tread tells the story: Countless lateral, diagonal, and zig-zag sipes, numerous and variable tread blocks, and a less contiguous outer shoulder, which is particularly influential on responsiveness and stability when a vehicle is pushed. (Consider the PZero All Season Plus tread in relation to a motorsport slick, which delivers the highest level of road connectedness and driver input responsiveness.)

But while the handling sharpness might not quite be a match, in terms of reassuring and sufficient grip for (reasonably) spirited on-road driving, the PZero All Season Plus delivers. The PZero All Season Plus was obviously still well inside of its maximum grip limitation during our back road drives.

It’s also the case that modern performance car damper technology can be used to sharpen vehicle responsiveness. A simple adjustment to the M3’s Electronic Damping Control into a one-step stiffer setting created the right tire-chassis relationship for us.

We’d also note that in the M3’s stiffest, most aggressive damper setting, the PZero All Season Plus didn’t seem outmatched, too slow or out of sync.

Final thoughts

The PZero All Season Plus embodies the rapid progress and development of Performance All Season tires. It’s an extremely well-rounded, capable tire that’s a potential fit to just about any performance car. The fact that it can deliver satisfying performance driving characteristics in freezing temperatures is really nothing short of remarkable. Not to mention, the PZero All Season Plus does so while delivering up to a 50,000-mile treadlife warranty.

One could argue that what the PZero All Season Plus lacks in sharpness relative to Summer Performance options it more than makes up for in everyday advantages. Indeed, for northern-based performance car drivers, the PZero All Season Plus is the superior option in 90-something% of street driving circumstances, especially once changing weather conditions are taken into consideration.

Remember that despite the “All Season” designation, the PZero All Season Plus has limitations. It’s equipped to manage light wintry conditions, but can be overwhelmed in more extreme winter conditions. (No matter the car, Winter tires are highly advisable if you intend to drive through true winter.)

The PZero All Season Plus is available now in 38 sizes ranging from 17-20-inches.

Want to discuss the PZero All Season Plus as a potential tire option for your ride? Give us a call at 866-961-8668.

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