Eco-friendly tire technology

In the past, tires were environmental enemies – but now, the tire industry is changing its ways.
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The Pirelli Tire Lifecycle
What happens to a high-performance tire once it’s done being useful? You might be surprised.
Pirelli - An Environmentally Aware Tire Manufacturer
Pirelli takes a environmentally-friendly approach to tire manufacturing that’s making a difference. See how they do it.
Pirelli Tires Made from Plants
Pirelli Tires Made from PlantsEco-friendly tires made from renewable, plant-based materials? Pirelli is definitely on to something.
What is low rolling resistance?
Gas prices are still sky-high, so let’s talk about rolling resistance and how you can save some $$ on gas.
Where are my tires made?
Where was your tire born? That’s a tricky question, but we can help you find the answer.
Tire anatomy and construction
Ever wondered what a "carcass ply" is? We’ll peel back the tread and show you what’s underneath.
How Exhaust Systems Work
Understanding exhaust is like understanding breathing. Both are crucial to running a healthy engine.

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