Tires 101

Nitrogen Vs. Air: Which Is Best For Your Tires?

It?s been a hot debate amongst tire nerds for years. We investigated and have the answer (sort of).
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What are Touring Tires?
Touring Tires can be difficult to keep straight. This breakdown of Touring Tire options and types will help
Staggered vs. square - which is best?
Learn the differences between staggered and square tire setups, and the performance benefits of each.
Symmetric vs. asymmetric tires
Wondering what the differences are between these two common types of tires? Read on to find out.
Which tires wear faster — front or rear?
Uneven tire wear is a problem. Here’s what should you do if your front and rear are wearing at different rates.
Common questions about all season tires
All season tires may not be what you think. Our FAQs will settle this often misunderstood category.
Tire size equivalent chart for 33", 35", 37" or 40" tires
The decision on what size tire will fit your rig can be downright confusing. Here's some help.
All-Season Tires versus Summer Tires
Consider your climate when it comes to choosing tires.
All-Season versus All-Weather tires
The very real difference between All-Season and All-Weather tires.
Summer tires — do you need them?
Sunny weather & warmer temps may dictate summer tires. Learn more.
Are my tires directional?
Learn what a directional tire is, and the road/weather conditions where directional tires excel.
What does ?UTQG? mean?
Along with the mileage warranty, this treadwear rating may help you predict how long a tire will last.
Frequently asked questions
Have questions about your order, our products, payment options, or shipping policies? Find the answers here.
Tire glossary
In an effort to demystify the world of tires, with its confusing terminology, technology, and "tirespeak," we present the TireBuyer Tire Glossary.
Tire disposal fees we collect
Nobody likes fees, but at least these fees go towards finding new uses for recycled tires. That’s cool.
Intro to run flat tires
If you've ever gotten a flat in the middle of nowhere, it’s easy to see the appeal of run-flats. But are they really all that?
Original Equipment tires vs. replacement tires
Is it best to stick with your car's Original Equipment tires, or try something different? We’ll help you decide.
How tires are made
It’s complicated, there are multiple layers, and you can’t have it all. Are tires just like relationships?
DOT Tire Identification Number
It isn't fun, cool, or even remotely exciting. But it can be pretty useful, once you know what it is.
All-Season Tires versus All-Terrain Tires
Making sense of the All-Season vs. All-Terrain decision.
You can’t get far on a flat. But how long can you drive on a spare?
Here’s some guidance, and things to consider.
What’s a tire ply rating?
Tire ply rating (or load range) is important if you’re hauling, towing, or carrying heavy loads.
What’s a flotation tire?
If you want your burly truck or 4x4 to float over loose soil, consider a set of flotation tires.
Passenger Vs. Light Truck tires
Can you use passenger tires on a truck? Sometimes, but it’s not always the best idea.
Snow tires vs. winter tires
Be prepared this winter and know if you’re driving on the right tires.
All-season tires vs. winter tires
Wondering if it’s OK to use all-season tires in snow? How about winter tires in the summer?
Understanding Thrust Angle and Alignment
Let’s explore the mysteries of vehicle alignment and thrust.

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