Toyo Open Country M/T Overview

“Legendary for its durability, off-road performance, long tread life, and an aggressive tread pattern. Designed to help trucks work hard on pavement, then work just as hard when roads are muddy, snowy, and rocky – or when there are no roads at all.” – Toyo Tires 

Off-road maximum traction

The Toyo Open Country M/T is intended to be fitted to 4x4s of all types, used through four seasons, and subjected to the most extreme terrain that nature has to offer. It’s an off-road tire essentially without limitation.

Have we got you interested in this legendary off-road tire? Keep reading to determine if the Open Country M/T is right for you.

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The most rugged off-road tire Toyo Tires offers

Toyo Tires doesn’t waver on the Open Country M/T’s purpose and performance profile. There’s no shortage of all-terrain tires that take a more balanced approach to on- and off-road performance (the Toyo Open Country A/T III is one example), but the Open Country M/T brings a focused off-road design approach.

From more practical off-road requirements to sending it through the desert like the champion off-road racers of Team Toyo, the Open Country M/T is up for whatever type of torture test you dream up.

Champion Off-Road Racers Depend on Toyo Open Country Tires

Equipped with full-on off-road tire design traits

A general rule of thumb: for tough off-road conditions, look for a tire that’s more imposing and extreme than the surrounding environment.

The Open Country M/T is more than just juiced-up window dressing. This tire is equipped with the full range of proven off-road tire design features, including:

  • 3-Ply Polyester Construction. For maximum durability, impact and puncture resistance.
  • Aggressive off-road tread design, including “Hook-Shaped Blocks” designed to find and claw onto any available traction point.
  • Deep tread depth. In loose soil conditions, there’s no substitute for tread depth. The Open Country M/T delivers up to 21/32-inch on certain sizes and specs. (Factory 4x4 tires are commonly half that depth.) Open, scalloped shoulder blocks work in combination with the deep tread to improve mud and snow evacuation.
  • “Over-the-shoulder tread” expands the functional tread area outward, and boosts traction in deep snow and mud.

“I’ve put 80,000 miles on the tires myself. They’ve held up great on the road and in the mud. I work on pipelines and I’m in the sand, mud and caliche roads in west Texas every day. I keep the tires rotated and balanced and they’ve held up beyond by my expectations.” – Open Country M/T user review on

Toyo Tires
The Open Country M/T in action

Available up to an “F” load range

Whether you’re towing a boat or the whole farm, the Open Country M/T is very likely up to the task.

The Open Country M/T sizes and specs

Load range is the measure of a tire’s maximum load capacity, which translates to hauling and towing capability/limitation. For more information read: What’s a tire ply rating?

Holds its own on-road, too

There’s no mistaking the Open Country M/T is good for something other than a purposeful off-roader, it includes design features for on-road performance, too.

Deep sipes in the tread blocks contribute to traction on wet roads. Its sturdy construction provides stability and reassuring handling, and the overall tread design was developed with on-road traction as a consideration. And while not as quiet and comfortable as a highway or all-terrain  tire, it is known as one of the quietest off-road tires on the market.

Capable of achieving strong tread life, despite off-road design

You won’t find a tread life warranty as with most on-road tire categories, but treat the Open Country M/T right with proper rotation and reasonable use, and strong mileage can be achieved.

“I own a ¾ ton diesel pickup. I purchased the Toyo MT over two years ago and have since put 68,000 miles on this set of tires. This is the third set of Toyos I’ve purchased. Each set has worn exceptionally well.” – Open Country M/T user review on

Available in 78 sizes in diameters 15-26-inch. (Yes, you read that right.)

No matter if you’re working with factory wheels or aftermarket, it’s likely the Open Country M/T is available in a size that’s a direct fit.

The “off-the-shelf” Open Country M/T is an off-road champion and podium scorer

Speaking to the influence of off-road racing in tire development, Toyo Tires explains: “Track conditions, especially in closed course off-road racing, can vary from muddy and slick, to polished dry, more like asphalt. Trucks that can exceed 800-horsepower need optimized compounds to perform at their best. This form of ongoing tire development also benefits consumers, as continuous feedback in punishing environments leads to data which helps to further advance product technology.”

Thinking Toyo Tires most extreme off-road tire is for you? We’ll deliver these monsters free to your home or an installer from our network of nearly 10,000 – typically within 1-2 days. Have any questions about the Toyo Open Country M/T? Want our input on any last concerns? Give our tire experts a call at 866-961-8668.

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