All about wheels

What are the different types of wheels?

What are the different types of wheels?

Wheels can give your car unique good looks and improve performance. Here?s how to choose the right set.
How Do You Measure Bolt Pattern
Before you shop for wheels, be sure you know how to measure your bolt pattern. It’s easier than it sounds.
What is Wheel Offset?
Do you know about wheel offset? Before you invest in new wheels, be sure you have the facts.
Impact of Wheel Weight on Your Vehicle
Wheel shopping? Be sure you understand how wheel weight affects your drive before you buy.
Winter Wheels For Winter Tires
Do your winter tires need dedicated wheels? Get the answer before the snow begins.
Everything you need to know about wheels
Thinking about a new set of wheels for your ride? Everything you need to know first is right here.
How to Care for your Car’s Rims
Wheels give your tires their personality. Here’s how to keep them looking their best.

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Tire buying experience was excellent. Tires and related items were as advertised. Installation was simple - schedule time, arrive at location, tires installed, transaction complete. Very Easy!!!

- Sann from North Carolina