What’s in it for you?

New customers

with zero acquisition costs

Extra revenue

from add-on services, and manufacturer credits

Increased visibility

through TireBuyer.com and other e-commerce sites

Fast delivery

as quick as one day with our private fleet of 1,400 trucks


The way people buy tires is changing.

16.7 million

consumers bought tires online in 2017.


of tire buyers do their research online, regardless of where they buy.


of people shop for tires on mobile.

How it works:

A customer places an online order

We deliver directly to the network installer of their choice

You receive the customer’s information and call to schedule an appointment

Install tires and collect fees


Secure a territory and edge out competition for you tire installation business!

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By becoming a VIP installer, you will gain access to the online tire marketplace and see increased foot traffic to your store.

We drive online sale volume home to your store by marketing qualifying locations through Biography and Images and pairing with a proven sales model that captures nationwide online shoppers.

Melding the best of the well-known tire sale platform with the innovative pathway in this beneficial partnership for all.

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