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Kelly Tires

A good deal on a great tire

Kelly - A good deal on a great tire

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Edge A/S

Passenger All Season

Get quality, the latest tire technology, and dependable all-season traction, all at a great value price.

Starting at $65.99 ea

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Edge A/S Performance

High Performance All Season

With powerful performance and reliable grip at a great value price, this is a great choice for your sporty car.

Starting at $72.99 ea

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truck or SUV vehicle

Truck and SUV

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Truck SUV All Season

Ready for the rigors of the road, this tough tire maintains dependable grip in just about any weather.

Starting at $125.99 ea

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Starting at ea

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All-terrain / off-road tires

Conquer your daily commute... or go beyond the beaten path. These tires are ready to take you anywhere you want to go, from the freeway to mud, gravel, and snow.

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All-season tires

Get great year-round versatility for many conditions, including light snow. All-season tires offer a durable tread, predictable handling, and a comfortable ride. For more responsive handling, step up to touring tires.

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High performance tires

Get extraordinary high-speed control, sharpened steering response, and a smooth, quiet ride.

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Kelly Tires

A good deal on a great tire

Kelly Tire, originally known as the Rubber Tire Wheel Company and later as the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, was founded in Springfield, Ohio in 1894 by Edwin Kelly and Arthur Grant. At the time, the company made solid-rubber wheels for carriages and buggies. Today, Kelly is the oldest tire brand in the United States. Kelly delivers "a good deal on a great tire," whether you drive a car, minivan, crossover, pickup, or SUV.


What people are saying

TireBuyer saved me significant money. The Kelly Explorers replaced some much more expensive tires that had approx. 20k miles left but very poor snow traction. The Explorers make less road noise and also have good snow and ice traction. Thanks TireBuyer!

- N.S. from North Dakota

A past set of Kelly Navigators were the best set of car tires that I ever owned so I decided to stay with the Kelly Brand. I have purchased these as their replacement and have about 2,500 miles on them. I have waited for snow to write this review. They got me through the first blizzard of the year just fine and I'm happy with them so far. Dozens of other cars in the ditches, I went down the road slow and steady without any problems. These will probably be the last set of tires on this vehicle, very happy with the Kelly tires, quality for less, you can't go wrong.

- D.K. from Illinois