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Dick Cepek Wheels

Prepare for adventure

Dick Cepek was founded in 1963 by off-road enthusiast Dick Cepek. Cepek loved exploring the California desert in his Land Rover, but he quickly realized the wheels and tires available at the time simply weren't suitable for this kind of rugged driving. So he started selling custom wheels and tires for trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s to his family, friends, and others who loved off-roading as much as he did. In the beginning, he operated out of his garage in California, later opening his own retail stores and designing his own branded line of wheels and tires.

Today's Dick Cepek wheels keep that original, adventurous spirit alive, while incorporating today's advanced technology to make sure off-roaders can do what they love: Get out there, get dirty, get muddy, get wet-without ever worrying about getting stuck.

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