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From the classic, brilliant shine of chrome wheels to the stylish look of painted wheels, our massive selection of wheels has a perfect match for every driver and every vehicle. Transform your ride today.

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Popular finishes

Machined wheels

Machined, or machine polished, wheels are etched with a state-of-the-art, computerized lathe and then clearcoated for protection. This process etches tiny lines (like the grooves on a CD) into the surface of the metal and gives the wheels a very shiny appearance. Wheels may be machined on the full face of the wheel, or painted and machined only on certain areas like the lip and spokes for a bold, two-tone look.

Chrome wheels

During the chrome-plating process, several layers of metal (may be a combination of nickel, zinc, or copper) are applied to a polished wheel, which is then finished with a layer of chromium and polished again. Chrome wheels can truly transform the look of your vehicle with their brilliant, mirror-like shine. Chrome wheels are very durable if maintained properly with regular cleaning and waxing, but they aren't recommended for winter use in locations with extreme weather, since the salt used on snowy roads can damage the chrome finish and pit the wheel surface.

Polished wheels

Polished wheels are buffed by machine or by hand, which gives them an extremely shiny, chrome-like finish. The finish is often protected by a clearcoat to prevent corrosion. If a clearcoat isn't used, the wheels will need repolishing on a regular basis to maintain their high shine.

Painted - black wheels

Painted black wheels are spray-painted with automotive-style paint and are available in several finishes, including satin black, semi-gloss black, carbon black, stealth black, matte black, and flat black.

Painted - silver wheels

Painted silver wheels are spray-painted with automotive-style paint and are available in several finishes, including hyper silver, super silver, dark silver, titanium silver, tungsten silver, satin silver, and matte silver.

Painted - other wheels

Painted wheels are spray-painted with automotive-style paint in dozens of colors, from solid to metallic -- red, blue, grey, gold, and more -- with glossy, satin, or matte finishes. The color is sealed with a clearcoat to protect the finish against corrosion.