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SOTA Offroad

SOTA Offroad
561SB Novakane

$297.50 - $374.00  each

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A new set of SOTA Offroad 561SB Novakane rims for your truck has the power to take away any pain. With a bold, open multiple-spoke design and a blacked-out Stealth satin black finish, this wheel will turn heads wherever you go. Machined accents on the rim lip add a subtle spark, while a protective clear coat keeps it all looking fantastic.

Overshadow the ordinary and let SOTA Offroad Wheels (formerly BMF Wheels) take your 4X4 from average to BEAST. They're the perfect storm: Forged-wheel looks merged with cast-wheel technology and cost. A special machining process gives SOTA Offroad rims a 3D look that will take your ride where it was always meant to be – above the crowd.

  • Stealth satin black finish
  • Machined lip accents
  • Protective clear coat
  • TPMS compatible

Wheel Specifications for all sizes

Wheel Size MFG. Product # Bolt Pattern Offset Finish Weight Hub Bore Load Rating Price
18X9 561SB-18965+00 6X5.50 +00 Painted - Black 37.0 106.0 2600

Out of stock

18X9 561SB-18963+00 6X135 +00 Painted - Black 37.0 87.1 2600

Out of stock

20X9 561SB-20957+25 5X150 +25 Painted - Black 41.0 110.0 2600

Out of stock

20X9 561SB-20963+00 6X135 +00 Painted - Black 41.0 87.1 2600

Out of stock

20X9 561SB-20965+00 6X5.50 +00 Painted - Black 41.0 106.0 2600

Out of stock

20X10 561SB-21063-19 6X135 -19 Painted - Black 43.0 87.1 2600

Out of stock

20X10 561SB-21065-19 6X5.50 -19 Painted - Black 43.0 106.0 2600

Out of stock