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How to read tire size

I entered my vehicle and I don’t see the tire I want, even though it shows it’s made in my size.

Most likely the tire doesn’t meet the vehicle manufacturer’s minimum load/speed rating. This is important because it determines whether the tire can handle the weight, and the potential top speed, of your vehicle.


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Delivery / Shipping

Do you have free shipping?

Yes! Shipping is free when tires are shipped to a local installer. We have the largest professional installer network in the US — over 18,000 trusted partners!

We can offer free, fast delivery to installers because we use our own fleet of trucks. Our trucks deliver right from our local warehouse to the installer in just 1-2 days. If you choose to ship your tires to your home or business, it may take a little longer.

Will my tires/wheels ship out today?

It depends on the time of your order, but most of our orders are processed and shipped out within 24 business hours.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We show an estimated delivery timeframe for each product on our website (for example, 1-3 business days), based on your Zip Code and the tire’s location. These timeframes are estimates and can’t be guaranteed since many of our products are shipped via FedEx or other carriers.

Do you ship to Canada?

Sorry, at this time we are only able to ship within the 48 contiguous United States, as well as Alaska and Hawaii (additional shipping charges apply).

When will my tires arrive?

You can check your order’s shipping status on our website. Most of our orders are shipped within 24 business hours of ordering. If the order is being shipped via FedEx, the tracking information will show an estimated delivery date.

If you choose to have your order delivered to one of our preferred installers, we usually deliver to them directly with our fleet of company-owned trucks. These orders often arrive the next business day.

What is same-day delivery and how do I get it?

When you order select tires on TireBuyer before a certain time noted on the website, we can deliver them to a select TireBuyer installer on the same day.

Not all products are eligible, and not all installers can accept same-day deliveries. Eligible tires and eligible installers are marked with a same-day delivery flag. If you want same-day delivery, please be sure you select both a product and an installer with the same-day delivery flag.

With same-day delivery, can I get my tires installed the same day?

Same-day delivery is available on many tires, but unfortunately we can’t promise same-day installation. The tires will be delivered to the installer in the late afternoon, and many installers will already be booked with appointments for the day. We suggest you call the installer after you place the order. Let them know that you selected same-day delivery, and you’d like to schedule installation as soon as possible.

What happens if I don’t get my same-day delivery tires the same day?

We stand by our same-day delivery promise – but as we all know, occasionally things happen. If you choose an eligible product and an eligible installer and we’re unable to deliver your tires on the same day you ordered them, please let us know at 866-961-8668.

Can I ship my order to my home or business ?

Yes, you can ship to your order to your home or business for a small handling fee of $5 per item.

Why didn’t I receive a tracking number for my order?

There are three possible reasons why this can happen:

  1. Did you choose to have your order delivered to one of our preferred installers? These orders are usually delivered directly to the installer, via our fleet of company-owned trucks.
  2. Did you order wheels? Some wheel orders are shipped directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse. In these cases, we aren’t able to provide you with tracking numbers by email.
  3. If you shipped a tire order to your home and haven’t received a tracking number via email, there may have been an error in your email address. Give us a call at 866-961-8668 and we can check your email address and update it if necessary.

I ordered four tires but only received three. Where’s the fourth tire?

We ship all the products for an order at the same time. Tires/wheels are not packaged or taped together because they would exceed the weight an average person could lift.

In most cases, FedEx does not load all the tires on the delivery truck at the same time because the truck is filled to capacity. Generally the missing tire will arrive the next business day. If it doesn’t, please call us at 866-961-8668.

Can I pick up my tires at your warehouse?

Sorry, we don’t currently offer warehouse pickup. We have plenty of other convenient delivery options, though – we can deliver your order to a TireBuyer installer near you, or ship it to your home or another location.


Do you offer free returns?

For orders delivered to a TireBuyer installer:

Returns are free for these orders. We use our own delivery trucks to deliver these orders to tire shops, so if you need to make a return, we can pick up your items at the installer for free.

For orders shipped to your home or another address:

To return these orders, we use FedEx. There's a nominal return shipping charge which will be deducted from your refund:

  • $7.50 per tire for items dropped off at a FedEx location
  • $15 per tire for FedEx pick-up

How do I return an item?

Fill out and submit a return form, and we'll be in touch with you soon. You can also call us at 866-961-8668.

Can I return an item that's been used?

For orders delivered to a TireBuyer installer:

Items can be return for up to 45 days after the delivery date, even if they’ve been used. There are a few exceptions to this rule – items cannot be returned if any of the following apply:

  • Products were used off road
  • Products have uneven wear or a difference up to 2/32" between the grooves
  • Products have been altered in any way (siping, studs, etc.)
  • Misuse

The following tire types can only be returned if unused/never mounted:

  • Winter tires
  • Motorsport (racing) tires

For orders shipped to your home or another address:

Items cannot be returned if they have been mounted or used. Unused, unmounted items can be returned for up to 30 days after the delivery date.

I need to return my tires. Can I drop them off at your warehouse?

Sorry – our warehouses aren’t currently able to handle returns. If you need to return an order, please use our return form or call us at 866-961-8668.


Why should I choose a TireBuyer installer?

We call it the TireBuyer Installer Advantage. It’s the easy, worry-free way to buy tires and have them installed. When you choose a TireBuyer installer, you receive a number of benefits:

  • FREE delivery on all tires
  • Guaranteed installation rates
  • 45-day easy returns
  • Installation satisfaction guarantee


Do you accept money orders/checks?

Sorry, no. We accept major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and PayPal Credit.

We also offer fast and easy financing through the Synchrony Car Care Credit Card, a way to buy your tires now and pay for them later with no interest charge (if paid in full within 6 months). Learn more.

Do you have any coupon codes?

Occasionally we run promotions offering an instant discount via a coupon code. The best way to ensure you get those codes is to subscribe to our email newsletter (you can sign up at the bottom of our home page). Also, coupon codes may be advertised on/offered to certain affiliated sites.

Coupon codes, instant discounts, mail-in rebates – what’s the difference?

We offer a variety of ways for you to save on selected products:

  • Sometimes we offer coupon codes that can save you a set dollar amount or percentage off eligible products. To use a coupon code, enter the code in the “Coupon code” box on the payment page when you check out, then click “Apply.”
  • For products marked “Instant discount,” the savings will be applied instantly when you add the applicable product to your cart.
  • In most cases, coupon codes and instant discounts cannot be used together. But we’ll always make sure you get the offer that will save you the most money.
  • We periodically offer TireBuyer mail-in rebates and mail-in rebates from tire manufacturers – look for tires with the “Mail-in rebate” flag. After you buy an eligible product, we’ll send you a link to a rebate form. You must complete the form and mail it to the manufacturer (or in some cases, complete an online form). The tire manufacturer will send your rebate (usually a prepaid Visa or MasterCard) by mail.

Do you charge sales tax on online orders?

We charge sales tax with online orders because we operate 110 warehouses across the country. By federal law, if we have a warehouse in a particular state, we are required to charge sales tax on orders in that state.

Do you have discounts available?

Our current promotions and specials are listed on our Deals page.

What other discounts do you offer?

We’re proud to offer a 10% discount to active duty military, veterans, first responders and teachers, and their immediate family (spouses, parents, and children). Just click the “Verify with” button when you check out to verify your military affiliation; once verified, your discount will be applied automatically. For more information, go to our Deals page.

When will I get my refund?

Our average return/refund time varies based on the product ordered. In most cases, refunds/returns are completed within 7-10 business days from the time the return is requested.

I bought tires with a money-back rebate offer. Where is my rebate?

Most of the manufacturer’s rebate offers on our site are mail-in rebates. You will need to complete and mail a paper form (in some cases, an online form is provided) and receipt (your confirmation email) in order to receive the rebate.

You can find a link to the rebate form in your confirmation email, or on our rebates page. If you need help, feel free to give us a call.

Can I return or exchange my tires if they are damaged when delivered?

We certainly hope you never receive a damaged tire, but if you have any trouble with your order, give us a call at 866-961-8668 and we’ll help you get new ones ASAP.

Do you offer a tire warranty?

Tire manufacturers offer a few different types of warranties. And when you buy tires from TireBuyer, we can assist you in the process if you ever need to file a claim. Most tires come with a mileage warranty that covers the tires for four, five, or even six years from the date of purchase. This type of warranty guarantees a certain number of miles of use from your tires before they wear out. Some manufacturers also offer road hazard warranty that covers your tires if they’re damaged by a pothole or road debris. Other manufacturers also offer roadside service and will come directly to your aid if you should experience a flat tire. In some cases, if the tire can’t be repaired, they’ll cover the cost of towing you to a shop.

Is there a limit to how many tires I can order at one time?

You can order as many tires as we have in stock. And we have several warehouses full, so you should be just fine!


Do you sell wheels?

Yes, we have an extensive selection of wheels in all types of styles to give your car its own unique look.

How much is shipping on wheels?

Shipping is free within the contiguous US for wheels shipped to a local installer. There is a $5 handling fee per item when shipping wheels to your home or business.

Wheel sizes are confusing. How do they work?

Wheel sizes are easier to determine than you might think. Wheel sizing is broken down into four components: diameter, width, bolt pattern, and offset. We have a series of articles with instructions to select the right size for your vehicle.

Where can I get wheels installed?

Simply add the wheels to your cart and add your zip code where instructed. We’ll show you a list of shops in your area that are skilled at wheel installation.

Can wheels be returned?

Wheels can be returned within 30 days if they have not been mounted.

If I ordered wheels and tires, do you mount and balance them prior to shipping?

No. They will be shipped separately.

Do you sell trailer tires or ATV tires?

We don’t currently sell trailer tires or ATV tires.

Do you sell used tires?

No, we don’t sell used tires.

I need to get rid of some tires/wheels. Do you buy tires/wheels?

No, we don’t buy tires or wheels.

What does /10 mean at the end of the tire size?

That refers to the ply rating of the tire. 10 means it’s a 10-ply tire (heavy duty).

What does /SL or /XL mean at the end of the tire size?

SL stands for “Standard Load.” The words “Standard Load” will be stamped somewhere on the sidewall of the tire.

XL means “Extra Load.” Tires with an XL designation can carry more weight than tires without the designation. The XL designation is listed at the end of the tire size (for example, 225/40ZR18/XL).

Lawn, garden, and golf tires

I keep seeing NHS under the tire description... what does it mean?

This stands for “Non-highway service.” The Carlisle lawn and garden tires we sell are not intended for road or highway use (not that you would ever think they were!). Lawn tires are simply not made to handle the heat that builds up when a tire is driven at higher speeds and longer durations.

Do your lawn, garden, and golf cart tires come with rims?

Sorry, no. We don’t sell rims for lawn mowers, tractors, or golf carts. If your equipment needs new rims, we suggest contacting the manufacturer.

How much is shipping?

There is a $5 handling fee per item for lawn, garden, and golf cart tires. We include a free valve stem for each tire.

Lawn and garden tire sizing is confusing. How does it work?

You’re right, it is confusing. There are two different size formats – one uses two groups of numbers and the other uses three groups. Here’s an example of the two-number format: 4.80-8. This means that the width of the tire is 4.8 inches, and the diameter of the rim that fits the tire (rim size) is 8 inches.

And here’s an example of the three-number format: 16x6.5-8. This means that the height of the tire is 16 inches, the width is 6.5 inches, and the diameter of the rim that fits the tire (rim size) is 8 inches.

How do I know which size tire to buy?

All the information you need to know should be in the owner’s manual for mowers, tractors or other pieces of lawn equipment. If you can’t find the manual, you can also find the size right on the tire sidewall.

What’s the difference between a 2-ply and a 4-ply tire?

Generally speaking, a 4-ply tire will hold more weight than the same size tire in a 2-ply. Still, a heavier ply tire isn’t always better. 2-ply tires, in most cases, provide a softer ride and potentially better traction when compared to 4-ply tires. A softer and lighter 2-ply tire will have more “squish,” so it will run a little flatter to the ground and provide a larger contact patch. There is a potential for 4-ply tires to crown, which would reduce the size of the contact patch and provide less traction.

How do I know if I need 2-ply or 4-ply tires?

It all comes down to weight. The weight of your mower, golf cart, club car, or other equipment will determine whether you need 2-ply or 4-ply tires. For example, the weight of the engine that sits on the rear axle of zero-turn mowers will have an effect on the tire size. Snowplows, trailers, tillers, rear suitcase, on-wheel counterweights, or even a de-thatcher could take you from a 2 to a 4-ply.

If you’re still not sure if you need a 2-ply or 4-ply tire, give our lawn, garden, and golf tire experts a call at 866-961-8668.

Where can I get my lawnmower/golf cart tires installed?

Many local tire shops will change your tires for a nominal fee (we recommend calling first) or, if you are feeling a bit handy, you can mount these tires yourself. If you change your own oil, sharpen your own blades, take off your mower deck and change the belts, you can dismount and mount lawn and garden tires. If you’d like a little assistance, there are many “how-to” videos on YouTube – check them out for step-by-step instructions.

Do I need to replace the valve stem when installing a new tire?

Yes. Over time, UV rays from sunlight will weather and dry out rubber valve stems, increasing the chance of the old valve stem leaking. In most cases, a worn-out tire means a worn-out valve stem. It’s also not unusual to damage a valve while dismounting the existing tire. Both situations can result in a brand-new tire with a slow leak.

And yes, a slow leak is a nuisance. But, much more importantly, a tire that’s frequently used with below-recommended air pressure will have a dramatically shortened life span, which will cost you far more money than what the valve stem costs. Especially because we include a free valve stem with every lawn, garden, and golf cart purchase.

What’s the average life span of Carlisle lawn and garden tires?

It depends. If you’re the type of person who leaves rakes in the yard or enjoys running over tree stumps, your tires will have a shorter life. Generally speaking, owners determine the life span of lawn, garden, and golf tires.

Do Carlisle Fast Trax tires come in my mower’s size?

Carlisle Fast Trax tires are made for a specific commercial mower, so they only come in that in one size -- 18x11.0/10. Many have asked for additional sizes, and we have passed that information along to Carlisle. Still, we have heard of no plans to expand the Carlisle Fast Trax lineup. If they start making other sizes, we’ll definitely have them!

Have more questions? We’ve got answers. If you want help with lawn, garden, or golf tires, give our experts a call at 866-961-8668.


Why doesn’t my old account information work on your site?

We updated our site to provide a better experience for our shoppers, so you’ll need to create a new account. We apologize for any inconvenience – if you’d like help creating your new account, just give us a call at 866-961-8668.

My mechanic/installer isn’t familiar with TireBuyer. Can they become a TireBuyer installer?

If you share contact information with us, we will gladly contact the installer to make sure that they’re aware of TireBuyer. In some cases, installers may be more familiar with our parent company (American Tire Distributors).


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