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BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich Rugged Trail T/A

All Terrain Truck SUV
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BF Goodrich Rugged Trail T/A

All Terrain Truck SUV Features
  • ETEC System™ (Equal TEnsion Containment System) for precise handling even at high speeds
  • Dual compound tread for extended tread life
  • Computer-optimized size-variable tread elements help quiet road noise
  • Bold sidewall design White raised-outline letters or reversible black outline sidewall
Rated 4 out of 5 by 285reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 by Tundra and BFG not good combo These tires are great looking and provide a very comfortable ride on my 2010 tundra double cab 4x2. These were the factory tire for the sR5 TRD Off Road Wear very even but very quickly. I rotate every 5k and maintain pressur eto specs. They look great on the truck and handled very well. We had an ice storm two winters ago and i have to say, my 2wd did as great as can be expected )I am orginally from the north and have seen some pretty mean winter driving conditions. MY biggest gripe is that these tire wore pretty quickly I have 25k on them and need to replace them. Most of my driving is city/local so a lot of turning and the soft rubber just gets worn quickly. Great on the highway. The other shortfall, is the traction is a little weak in the woods--nothing muddy or rough--just really on some falt woodsy terrain...major slippiage and no suport for the traction control...I'm picky, but the wear was really disappointing for the price point. I probably wont buy these again.. Hope this is helpful May 21, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Pretty scared by the reviews I just put these in my 2011 f-150 supercrew after inwas told inwas getting the Rugged Terrain. I went with the rugged trail because its the size they had and my oem wrangler SR As were wore out. Its the families primary vehicle and by these reviews I am scared to death to drive in anything other than sunshine. I mean i read reviews on the GY Wrangler SRAs were not good for snow and ice but they never gave me trouble. But these reviews are down right scary with my 14, 6 and 1 month old. They seem to handle fine on dry pavement, but very stressed now about when the weather comes. I just wish people would say more about their trouble in bad weather like are they hydroplaning bc they are doing 80mph down the highway in the pouring rain or is it 10 degrees outside when the snow is packing in the tread. Ugh. Im not sure if i regret my purchase but defintely dont feel like finding out the hard way!!! January 3, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Not your typical milage I purchased my F-250 Crew mid October 2006. She was shod with a set of the BFG Rugged Trail TAs. I've had different BFG tires in the past & knew of their quality, so I knew these would do me good. My 1st heavy snow I was impressed with the grip and confidence. The ride on dry pavement was nice and quiet. MPG isn't an option in a gas Super Duty. The 75psi and F-250 suspension made bumps a bit rough though (it rode like a truck). I did a few thousand miles of towing of a 28' enclosed trailer (running about 11k lbs loaded) and 18' open trailer. I only rotated the tires 3 or 4 times over the lifetime, but always watched my pressures and treated the sidewalls with silicon sprays. I considered replacing them in the Fall of 2010, but they weren't down to the wear bars yet. Finally this year I decided to replace them with another set of the Rugged Trail TAs. So after 96,911 miles the truck got a new set of tires! And they STILL have 3/32 - 5/32" of tread left on them!!!!!! Oh yeah, these tires are AWESOME! I'm hoping to get up to Moosehead Lake to test them with some off-roading this Summer. January 10, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Defective Tires I got these tires on my brand new car less than a year ago. At first I thought they looked cool and performed well, but little did I know I was only going to have problems. In less than 9000 miles (thats not a typo) I had problems with 2 out of the 4 tires. First off I am not an aggressive driver and the tread is 50% gone. One tire will not stay inflated for more than a few days and the other popped while going less than five miles an hour on the nicest dirt road you have ever seen. Needless to say I will never get these tires again and I will never recommend these tires. Maybe they were just defective tires, I will never know because I am switching tires and never looking back. Maybe I just have bad luck. May 3, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Work well for the intended purpose These are the OEM tires for my 2007 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Crew Cab. Some reviewers don't like these tires for off-road, deep snow, or mud. These tires are not designed as true off-road tires, BF Goodrich makes other tires better suited for those applications. This on-road tire is a compromise for occasional off-road use and if you understand that, they are good tires. I have a very steep 200 ft. driveway since my house is on a hill in the mountains and even in over 12 inches of snow I haven't been stopped. This past week during hunting season I had to drive off-road to retrieve a deer and had no problems. If you don't know how to drive in snow or off-road there isn't a tire made that will help you. These tires are very quiet compared to off-road tires and wear is respectable. I'm getting over 35,000 miles a set, primarily on-road miles. December 4, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Lt265/70/17E Overall a great long wearing on on/off road tire that covers all the four seasons and great for the north woods. The northwoods for me is logging roads, gravel and packed leaves on a trail, which I utilize. Traction in deep snow was good and coupled with wet pack and ice it was good also. I think a lot of people believe that they can drive just as well on snow and ice as dry pavement and get themselves in trouble. I got 105,500 on my Ram 2500 because I rotated and balanced about every 7,500 miles. I truly believe in my opinion that this is the key for any tire to achieve great life. I would buy this tire again as it has the versatility of everything a normal person would drive on and through on an occasional basis, or four seasons of Wisconsin weather. October 30, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointed in Mileage I have 40,000 miles on this set of tires and will be lucky to get to 50,000 miles. I have them rotated every other oil change at the Toyota dealer and keep them properly inflated. I am a conservative driver and was hoping for a lot more miles, like I have gotten previously on a set of All Terrain TA's. Most of my driving is on the freeway and never off road. Not sure I will buy these again, but puzzled why I did not get more miles on them like others that are leaving reviews? May 1, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst tires ever Worst tires ever. I just bought a new 2013 Toyota Tacoma with these tires on the truck that had 3 miles on it when i purchased it.. They were part of the T.R.D. off road package as a factory upgrade. Well i just put 3,052 miles on the truck and while doing my first 5,000 mile/6 month service oil change and tire rotation i discovered huge cracks between the treads. It was on all 4 tires in the same area of the treads of the 4 tires. Ive never been off road or abused these tires one bit i drive like an old lady or so im told and i think its ridiculous that i have to get a new set of tires at 3,052 miles. Word of caution if i had these on my vehicle i would pay close attention and watch for the cracks that develop next to the treads on the tires. I will never except a new vehicle with these junk tires on it again.Im allso told BF will prorate my tires for a fee to replace them. That is absolutely unacceptable, i buy a brand new truck with 3 miles on it and six months and 3,052 miles later the treads are cracking badly and im told I have to PAY a prorate on these garbage tires???? I thought for sure id get 50,000 miles the way i drive but 3,052 miles , i cant afford new tires every 3,000 miles save your money and stress and get something else. I would upload a pic but it doesnt allow me.Im an A.S.E certified automotive technician with 15 years experience and a New York State Licensed auto inspector. Really stressed and dissapointed with these tires maybe they would be good for a tire swing but i think thats even pushing it for these tires. May 5, 2014
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  • Tread Life Warranty: Varies based on speed rating
  • Uniformity Warranty: First 25% Even Wear, 1 Tire Permitted
  • Workmanship Material Warranty: 72 month first 25% Free Replacment
  • Manufacture's Hazard Warranty:
  • Test Drive Warranty: N/A
  • Manufacture's Special Warranty: For a "Staggered Fitment" application (different size tires on the front and rear axles) the rear tires will only be warrantable for one half of the stated mileage for that tire line.
  • Warranty PDF: BFG_Warranty.pdf

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 114T

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 111T

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 105H

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 121R

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 121R

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 118R

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 116T

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 114T

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 114T

$227.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 110T

$191.99 ea.


So far so good....

I ordered these tires online from and they were delivered overnight. Great customer service. As far as the tires go, I have had them installed for about 3 weeks now and so far so good.

Reviewed by PADriver from Pennsylvania