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Grabber AT2

All Terrain Truck SUV
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$100.99 - $347.99 each

With a set of General Grabber AT2 tires on your truck or SUV, you can explore any terrain -- from rocks to mud, sand to deep snow -- with confidence. Five rows of aggressive tread blocks, made from a chip- and tear-resistant compound, provide strong grip, while the self-cleaning tread throws off dirt and mud to maintain traction. The tread pattern is computer-optimized to reduce road noise, promoting a smooth and comfortable ride.

  • Innovative, five-row tread pattern with multiple traction edges provides exceptional off-road grip
  • Directional, double-V shaped tread designed for longer treadlife
  • Acoustic tread pattern allows the aggressive tread to remain quiet during road driving
  • Dual steel belt construction with polyester cord body for strength, durability, and less road noise
  • Accepts #13 metal studs for extra traction in winter conditions*
  • *Please observe your state’s laws regarding stud use. Use #13 studs.
  • Tread Life Warranty: Varies based on speed rating
  • Uniformity Warranty: First 2/32 Even Wear, 1 Tire Permitted
  • Workmanship Material Warranty: 72 month first 2/32 Free Replacment
  • Manufacture's Hazard Warranty:
  • Test Drive Warranty: 30 Day Ride and Try
  • Manufacture's Special Warranty: Any Repair Voids the CTA Warranty
  • Warranty PDF: General_Warranty_2013.pdf

All tire sizes for Grabber AT2

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 97T

$100.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 95Q

$107.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 100S

$107.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 100S

$112.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 108S

$113.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 100T

$116.99 ea.


Extra Load

  • Load/Speed Rating: 108S

$117.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 98T

$120.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 104/101S

$121.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 106T

$125.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 107T

$129.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 104S

$131.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 111S

$132.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 112S

$132.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 109T

$139.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 109S

$141.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 112S

$143.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 110S

$143.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 112S

$147.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 120/116S

$150.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 110S

$154.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 120/116S

$155.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 112S

$161.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 112T

$162.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 108Q

$162.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 123/120Q

$167.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 116S

$168.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 121/118Q

$178.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 122/119Q

$179.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 116S

$181.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 120/117Q

$183.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 113Q

$184.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 118/115Q

$196.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 123/120Q

$200.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 122/119Q

$200.99 ea.


Extra Load

  • Load/Speed Rating: 109H

$200.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 125/122Q

$200.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 121Q

$204.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 123/120Q

$204.99 ea.


Extra Load

  • Load/Speed Rating: 112H

$223.99 ea.


Extra Load

  • Load/Speed Rating: 120T

$233.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 105Q

$258.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 119Q

$284.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 118Q

$317.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 118Q

$342.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 114Q

$347.99 ea.

Rated 4.7 out of 5�by 309reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5�by Mr. These tires are great. I live in Northeast Ohio so the weather is always changing; rain, sun, snow, ice and my favorite mud. My truck is a daily commuter and is also what I use hunting, fishing and farming. When I firs saw these tires I thought that they might be to aggressive almost a M/T. I had them installed and drove the truck about 10 mile down to the farm. The on road handleing was good, but the roads were dry, so I when I got off road on the run down farm roads I put the tires to the test. I came out smiling not once did I have to put it 4wheel drive and for these roads thats awesome. Even better the treads cleaned out easy. I have had these tires on for about 2 months now, they stick to the wet roads like glue and eat up the snow and slush. The tires are also studable if I felt I needed them. One dislike, between 40 and 60 mph the tires let you know they are there with noise its not overbearing but it is noisey. Otherwise the tread cancels out its own noise so running at 70 mph down the highway is just fine. January 16, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by extreme tires I bought 2 of these tires used because the tires i had on the back of my truck were bald and couldn't make it up my driveway. there was allot of snow, ice, and mud. i have ran over 50 different tires in the past 8 years, and these tires are the best by far. my truck is only 2wd with a possie track rear end so it slides around very easily but scene i got these tires i haven't spun any or gotten stuck and i put them through some very deep snow, on black ice, and through some very thick mud and lots of clay, and it just walks right through it. i drive about 120 miles a day for work and its been really bad weather out for the past week but with these tires on i never have to worrie if im going to make it home or not. the tires i got only have about 1/8 of tread on them but seeing how much they will go through with just that i cant wait to see what a new set will go through. i would so buy these again and let people know if they want a great tire to get these!!! February 25, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by Great Tire! I purchsed these tires in a 31/10.5-15 after lifting my 99 Cherokee. I knew I would mostly be doing on road driving, but I wanted to have an AT tire for the rare times I went off the beaten path. I didn't expect much from them because I wasn't sure of the brand, but the price was right and they had good reviews. On road these tires were great. they weren't noisy like the MT's some of my friends were running and they felt very smooth over bumps. After about a month of having them and letting all the suspension settle I had to give them a little test. first was just a dry dirt road. They did great, but that was expected. I then started to get into a little bit of mud. They did better than I expected. I didn't get stuck and was able to make it through some pretty deep muck. Next was onto about a foot or so of water with a very slick bottom. here they lost traction a little, but once they cut through the algie there was no problem. I only did a little bit of rock testing, but there wasn't much to test with down here in south FL. I had to sell my Jeep once my son was born, but my next vehicle will be a Grand Cherokee and I'll be putting these tires on it. March 12, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by Better than most I have been a UPS Driver for more than 25 years. I know about tires real well. I have owned 5 new trucks in my time. Most of the original tires are terribe that come stock are NEVER good. I was always a fan of Goodyear tires. But on a pickup they never had the mileage you were supposed to get. I just replaced my Goodyear Silent Armours with only 26000 miles down to 5/32 ". They were awesome the first 2 years then went down to scary.I now have bought 4 new tires from Tire Buyer. The General At2 OWL (not 10 ply) so far so good. This week in N.E. Ohio We get alot of snow. I took them out and they handeled really good. The only complaint I have about them is ,they are somewhat not stable on cornering, just too mushy for me.If the were more solid like the Goodyears I would be more pleased.If they make it to 40000 miles I will be happy, with a 60000 warranty. I will post again when they hit 25000 miles. But you guys had the best price on the net, and very fast shipping. February 14, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5�by Amazing A/T tire Quietest and most dependable all terrain tire I've ever had. Great off-road and on snow. Never needed chains even when snow was up to my bumper. Quiet on the highway. November 11, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by Very impressed These tires grip the road and soften the ride. I found myself loosening my grip on the wheel as they are so responsive. Cross winds and off road is excellent! Haven't had them in water, snow or ice yet but have no reason to doubt they will do just fine. The ONLY cons is a very slight road noise and gravel being ejected from the tread after you return to pavement. But with an aggressive tread like this, it is to be expected. September 5, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by My 3rd set I've got 3 vehicles with these tires on. I use these tires in lots of mud during spring thaw and on the trails hunting in the fall. Also, my driveway is a quarter mile long and often go without plowing snow when others have to. VERY satisfied with these tires. September 2, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by So far so good! I am an outdoorsman so I bought these tire for a vast amount of terrain possibilities. I have them on a 1996 F-250 ext. cab, long bed, with a 7.3L turbo diesel (big-n-heavy). So far so good! They ride smooth & quite down the road, climb up the mountain jeep trails with no slip, though the stone quarry no punctures (running at 80psi), all around fun in the sand pit with out ever burring down, run the local fair mud pit crawled rite though, and won first in the local fair stock class truck pull. As you can see only on for about a month but I have worked them hard and no complaints. All this abuse and no signs of wear yet. All that's left for me to find out is the millage I get outta them and how they perform this winter. August 20, 2014
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So far so good....

I ordered these tires online from and they were delivered overnight. Great customer service. As far as the tires go, I have had them installed for about 3 weeks now and so far so good.

Reviewed by PADriver from Pennsylvania