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High Performance All Season
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$58.78 - $114.20 each

The all-season, directional Nexen N5000 tire was created to give you driving confidence in your sporty car or performance truck, no matter what the weather’s like. The tread incorporates design elements that help prevent hydroplaning, provide stability and optimize handling at high speeds, and reduce road noise and uneven wear.

  • 5-variable pitch sequence design for noise reduction
  • Wide and deepened directional groove provides excellent drainage and braking
  • Distinct shoulder design maximizes cornering grip
  • Straight center rib block for driving stability at high speeds
  • 4 straight wide grooves for excellent water drainage and hydroplaning resistance
  • Curved directional grooved edge reduces vibration for even wear
  • Tread Life Warranty: Varies based on speed rating
  • Uniformity Warranty: First 2/32 Even Wear, 2 Tires Permitted
  • Workmanship Material Warranty: 72 months first 2/32 Free Replacement
  • Manufacture's Hazard Warranty:
  • Test Drive Warranty: N/A
  • Manufacture's Special Warranty: Prorate Mileage if not worn down to 2/32 Using Miles Achieved and 32nds Used
  • Warranty PDF: Nexen_Warranty.pdf

All tire sizes for N5000

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 85H

$58.78 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 89H

$61.83 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 87H

$63.05 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 86H

$65.28 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 88H

$65.51 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 92H

$68.42 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91H

$73.69 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 90H

$75.42 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 96H

$76.76 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94H

$77.07 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 83H

$78.23 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 97H

$79.11 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 93H

$79.51 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94H

$82.05 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94H

$84.11 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 83H

$84.77 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 99H

$85.76 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 90H

$89.50 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 99H

$94.82 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94H

$97.11 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 99H

$102.30 ea.


Extra Load

  • Load/Speed Rating: 84H

$105.21 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 97H

$112.85 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 80H

$67.95 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 89H

$69.25 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 87H

$78.38 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 93H

$78.96 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91H

$78.98 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91H

$79.07 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 93V

$80.59 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 88V

$87.33 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94H

$91.71 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 90H

$92.23 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 88H

$95.72 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 93H

$98.91 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 93H

$100.32 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 95H

$104.25 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94H

$105.33 ea.


Extra Load

  • Load/Speed Rating: 97H

$114.20 ea.

Rated 4.5 out of 5�by 534reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5�by READ CAREFULLY I had higher expectations than I should have for these tires since they had excellent reviews but was skeptical because of the price. Yes for the price you can't beat it and in wet and dry conditions they handle pretty great..but lemme say, after a few months of winter conditions they are extremely bad in snow. Being an "all season high performance" I understand they aren't made for much snow but my bald old tires almost handled better than these. Another HUGE issue I had so far after a few thousand miles of driving is my mpg. I've lost nearly 5mpg since installing these. Granted a little of that may be attest to the cold weather, but they are much worse on the gas wallet. But for the price and high millage warranty, I'd suggest them for someone leaving in a warming climate. I rated a 3 overall because handling, road noise, and traction are all pretty good, but winter driving and the fact my mpg dropped significantly (which I've never experienced before) will make me never buy them again. February 13, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by 3rd time purchasing tires I've purchased this tire 3 times for 3 different vehicles over the past 10 years. Toyota matrix, Mazda 6, and currently a Toyota Corolla. Same experience with all three vehicles. For the price you can't beat them. I would go as far as compare them to Michelin, but with longer tread wear. I hate noisy tires and these are very quiet for being a harder rubber compound. (I purchased several sets of Michelin's in the past and loved them, but can't afford them) Also, I switch out these tires with a set of snows for the winter, so I can't comment on serious winter driving. September 11, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by Consumer Bought these tires to replace the original Goodyear Eagle LS2 tires on our 2011 Kia Forte Koup SX. The Goodyear Eagle LS2s only lasted 25,000 miles despite on-time rotations and non-aggressive driving. Knew we definitely did not not want another set of Goodyear Eagle LS2s, so began shopping around. Our KIA Forte Koup SX has the sportier suspension, and its tires are the low-profile type, size 215/45R17. The low-profile tire requirement coupled with the sportier suspension automatically dictates a rougher ride than a more conventional set-up. But these Nexen 5000s were an instatnt improvement over the Goodyear Eagle LS2s. And the Nexen 5000s were MUCH less expensive than the Goodyears, as well as most other brands in this 215/45R17 size. I've owned many different brands of tires over the years, and so far these Nexens seem to offer very high quality at a very reasonable price comapred to their competitors. February 2, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by Great so far We are in Mississippi so ice and snow traction take a back seat. We have only had these tires a few weeks but they are great so far. They are installed on my younger daughter's Mazda 3 and are MUCH quieter than the other tires. They really hold the road too. I will buy another set for my older daughter's car in the very near future. August 14, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by SUPER!! SUPER!! WOW!! I decided to purchase these tires because of the great reviews, warranty, price, and FREE SHIPPING. I received them in 2 days. WQW!!! I am not a person that likes to drive in bad weather but after putting on the tires we had a ice storm and then the next day a snow storm. I was so impressed with the traction i had with these tires. The car handled my steep driveway beautifully . Not once did the car slip. I highly recommend these tires. My compliments to TireBuyer!! I don't know how they can sell a great product for such a great price , but we need more of these websites that put the consumers best interests first.Extremely satisfied customer!!! Thank you TireBuyer December 12, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by Exceptional performance and price!!! I purchased a used 2011 Hyundai Sonata for my wife and the Kumho tires that were on the car were loud and rough on the highway speeds. After reading all of the positive reviews, I decided to purchase a set of Nexen N5000. The tires arrived within 48 hours after purchase and I immediately had them installed at a local Firestone service center. What a remarkable difference these tires made in all aspects of driving. I live in the northeast and experience all type of harsh weather. My first experience was on a dry highway and the tires were smooth, quiet, and responsive. This alone made the purchase worthwhile. But when the rain came, I was pleasantly surprise how well they held the road. I am a spirited driver and I challenged the tires a bit, but the N5000 handled everything I threw at it. They also performed well in the snow this winter when caution is used. I was so happy with these tires, I pulled off a set of General and Goodyear tires from my two daughter's cars and replace them with Nexen N5000. Now the whole family rides on N5000. It's yet to be seen how long they will last, but I'm confident that I will get my money's worth. I only wish they made these in a Light Truck version for my Titan. I would highly recommend these tires for anyone who wants great performance at a reasonable price. April 18, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by Excellent tire I have not mounted the tires recently purchased for my '11 VW Golf, however, I bought them because I have a set on my '08 VW GLI w/ 33k miles on them. The GLI eats tires due to the suspension system, but the Nexens have performed very well vs. the Bridgestones (14k mi) and Contis(18k) I've had on the car. Dry and wet traction is excellent, handling same. Can't rate for ice or snow...I live in Florida. I'm looking forward to many problem free miles when I mount the new Nexens on my Golf, which will be in about a month. August 29, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5�by Didnt get the mileage 43k miles and need replaced, 50k warranty but this tire is not on warranty claim form September 7, 2014
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So far so good....

I ordered these tires online from and they were delivered overnight. Great customer service. As far as the tires go, I have had them installed for about 3 weeks now and so far so good.

Reviewed by PADriver from Pennsylvania