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NT-SN2 Winter

Studless Ice & Snow
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$66.99 - $157.99 each

For dependable traction in nasty weather, consider the Nitto NT SN2 tire. This studless snow tire gives you the confidence you want when you have to drive in snowy, slushy, icy, or very cold conditions. The silica-enhanced tread compound stays pliable and grippy even when the temps drop, providing strong traction, while the tread pattern incorporates biting edges that dig into snow and ice for even more grip.

  • Computer-designed tread pattern bites into snow and ice, so you can drive confidently
  • Continuous center rib and 3D multiwave sipes add stability and grip when accelerating or braking
  • Silica-based tread compound channels water away from the tire for improved traction and control and resists hardening in cold weather
  • Tread Life Warranty: Varies based on speed rating
  • Uniformity Warranty: First 1/32 Even Wear, 2 Tires Permitted
  • Workmanship Material Warranty: 60 Month First 25% Free Replacment
  • Manufacture's Hazard Warranty:
  • Test Drive Warranty: N/A
  • Manufacture's Special Warranty: N/A
  • Warranty PDF: Nitto_Warranty.pdf

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 88T

$66.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 82T

$68.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 84T

$69.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 86T

$72.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 88T

$73.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 84T

$73.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 89T

$75.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91T

$75.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 88T

$76.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91T

$78.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 96T

$82.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94T

$82.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 98T

$82.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 85T

$87.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 92T

$92.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 95T

$95.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91T

$96.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 95T

$96.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 98T

$96.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 98T

$97.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 103T

$98.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 99T

$100.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 99T

$104.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 87T

$104.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 106T

$106.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 100T

$106.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 96T

$107.99 ea.


Extra Load

  • Load/Speed Rating: 93T

$116.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 102T

$119.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91T

$124.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 104S

$130.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 91T

$133.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 94T

$134.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 107T

$139.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 100T

$152.99 ea.

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  • Load/Speed Rating: 96T

$154.99 ea.


  • Load/Speed Rating: 105T

$157.99 ea.

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Rated 4.5 out of 5�by 254reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5�by West Virginia Winters are Snow, Snow, Snow Bought these because of the bad winters in WV. My last set of snow tires wouldnt get me to my doorstep...I had to add chains to get me the last 100 yds. I was tired of that and did a lot of research . The Nitto snow tire was the winner of my search..Got these put on and ran them 3 seasons.. I never ONCE got stuck and I even pushed snow with the front of my car. I wouldnt suggest that for anyone to try, but where i live...I had no choice. It makes a BIG difference when you dont have to worry whether or not you will actually make it home or not...and when you KNOW you'll make it home. Love these tires...will never change. October 14, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5�by Very happy so far. Only have about 1000K on this tire so far. I plan to update later on. I purchased these tires because with my job I am needed when it snows and forced to drive. Last years winter season was brutal and it was apparent I needed more than just All-season tires. This tire was way more quiet than I expected. More quiet than the Falkens I took replaced. (which really surprised me) The tire has great traction in dry and wet conditions. I can't wait to try them in the snow, but I have very high expectations. The tread is very soft so you feel like you're stuck to the road however there is a noticeable delay in reaction on the handling which is to be expected on a softer tire. It took a few days to get used to. With the tread being soft, I have concerns about the tread life. I plan to take them off after the winter season and save them for next year. I would highly recommend them so far. I hope my opinion doesn't change further down the line, but I don't foresee that happening. December 1, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5�by GREAT tires Admittedly we did have a light winter so I didn't get a ton of ice/snow experience. However, the times we did have snow/ice they were absolutely amazing compared to any tire I've ever driven on. My winter car is pretty light and this was only its 2nd winter in MI after 5 yrs with me in GA living army life. It was scary driving it in snow before. These tires totally changed my mindset on winter driving. Great traction, comfortable ride, not much loss in MPG, pretty quiet considering tread pattern. I didn't change them out when spring came and I've put about 15,000 miles on them through a very hot summer and have had no noticeable loss of tread life which is a definite token of durability. I can't recommend these tires enthusiastically enough. The assymitrical tread pattern offering the ability to cross rotate is also a great plus! September 10, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5�by Eliot This tire is a great winter tire. I live high in the mountains about 25 miles from Colorado Springs, where I work. Most of my commute is on a 2 lane (each way) mountain "highway" with constant grade and direction changes. In addition, my house is on a steep hill, below street level. My driveway rises to the road at near a 45 degree angle. These tires handle it all perfectly. When I had my stock tires on, getting up thre driveway was not even a consideration. For practical purposes, the car was unusable for my commute or driving around my town when there was any snow of note. Since I put these tires on, it's like the snow disappears in front of the tires. Despite being winter tires, they also handle the extreme curves of my commute at least as well as my stock tires, which are the highly rated Continental ContiPro. January 7, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by Best traction ever - repeat buyer This is a repeat buy for me. We live in Chardon Ohio where we get plenty of snow, ice , melting ice, etc in the winter. We bought a pair if these two years ago and ran them all-year-round on the drive wheels. Since snow tires have a softer rubber, they tell you not to do that, because they will wear out faster. But I chose to not buy an extra set of rims, or pay for remounting every spring and fall, so they lasted about 2 years before they started to be less effective in snow and rain. We have an driveway which inclines upward to the road: cars get stuck in it unless it is properly cleaned ( I'm a bit too laid back to do that when I think there might be a thaw coming). These tires made that a non-issue - unlike any others I have had. We also travel a full day's journey many holidays- some in bad weather conditions - snow, rain etc. No problems - my only complaint is other drivers who do not have decent snow tires - they slow me down! December 14, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by Strongly recommend these snow tires for the price After driving about 2000 miles on the Nitto SN2 Winter snow tires on fresh snow, packed snow, loose slush, icy roads, and of course also dry roads, I would strongly recommend these tires to anyone who wants good traction in bad conditions and a good ride on dry roads. They felt very stable in all cases -- especially side-to-side stability, turning, accelerating, and braking on the snow and icy roads. If you have never had a good pair of snow tires and have only used "all-season" tires on your front wheel drive car, you will be quite surprised just how much better the snow and ice traction is with tires like these. On dry surfaces, these tires are surprisingly quiet and ride great for a snow tire (very similar noise and ride to the factory installed Dunlop all-season tires that came on my Mazda 3). I can't comment on tire wear, since I've just had them for 2000 miles, so we'll see how they wear. Also, gas mileage is no different than what I got with the Dunlops (31-35 mpg).I haven't owned Blizzaks, Michelin snow tires, or other more expensive snow tires to objectively compare to these Nitto SN2s, but for the price difference and my initial impression of these tires, I don't believe that I will ever spend the extra $$$ to find out! January 5, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5�by Mr. Follow-up on these Nitto winter tires: My earlier post was at the beginning of winter. Now as spring has arrived, I can give a better evaluation. They performed GREAT! I've chosen Blizaks for many, many years, but these tires give them a run for their money. For a studless winter tire I can't say enough on how well these performed this past winter. Excellent traction in heavy snow & icy roads. Many times I was able to pass slower moving traffic, even 4x4 trucks & SUV's. I highly recommend these tires and will definitely buy them again. March 23, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by VERY pleasantly surprised. Excellent rain and snow traction. Also very good intersate cruising....smooth and tracks straight.....and EXCELLENT fuel mileage with these tires.Highly recommended. May 13, 2010
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So far so good....

I ordered these tires online from and they were delivered overnight. Great customer service. As far as the tires go, I have had them installed for about 3 weeks now and so far so good.

Reviewed by PADriver from Pennsylvania