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Falken tires
Falken tires
Falken tires

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Falken tires

Falken tires

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Most popular tires by vehicle type

car/minivan vehicle


Sincera SN250 A/S

Performance Touring All Season

All-season performance, reliable grip, and an amazingly quiet ride are yours with this well-designed touring tire.

Starting at $57.99 ea

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Azenis FK450 A/S

Ultra High Performance All Season

Why compromise? This tire delivers ultra high performance benefits and reliable all-season traction.

Starting at $86.99 ea

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truck or SUV vehicle

Truck and SUV

Ziex S/TZ05

Truck SUV All Season

This sturdy pickup truck and SUV tire delivers optimal wet and dry traction, as well as long tread life.

Starting at $144.99 ea

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Wildpeak M/T01

Mud Terrain

This ruggedly built off-road tire will get you into -- and out of -- pretty much anything you want to explore.

Starting at $148.99 ea

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All Season Tires

All-season tires

Year-round versatility: These tires will perform in many weather conditions, including light snow.

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Truck and SUV tires

Get the perfect tires to enhance the durability and toughness you love in your truck or SUV.

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Touring tires

Year-round performance with great handling, a comfortable, quiet ride, and long tread life.

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All-terrain / Off-road

These tires are ready to take you anywhere you want to go, from the freeway to mud, gravel, and snow.

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High performance

Step up to these tires if you are looking for improved stability and responsive handling at high speeds.

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Ultra high performance

Get extraordinary high-speed control, sharpened steering response, and a smooth, quiet ride.

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Falken tires

With a strong base in technology, a creative engineering approach, and strict manufacturing standards, Falken Tires is a leader in high-performance tires for cars and trucks.

Founded in Japan in 1983, Falken is the high-performance brand of OHTSU Rubber & Tire. In 1985, Falken brought distribution of its tires to the United States and launched Falken Motorsports, kicking off three decades of success in racing. In 1991, Falken opened their U.S. headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Falken is the Official Tire of Major League Baseball.