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Boat trailer tires

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How to find your trailer tire size 

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Radial vs. bias-ply tires


Size and load range

ironman sv-svt

Ironman - ST-SVP Radial Trailer

$35.99 - $88.88 Size range: 13" - 16"
Free delivery
carlisle radial trail rh

Carlisle - Radial Trail RH

$25.99 - $120.99 Size range: 12" - 16"
Free delivery
carlisle usa trail

Carlisle - USA Trail

$34.99 - $110.99 Size range: 8" - 15"
Free delivery
carlisle sport trail lh

Carlisle - Sport Trail LH

$30.99 - $110.99 Size range: 12" - 16"
Free delivery
carlisle sport trail

Carlisle - Sport Trail

$18.99 - $66.99 Size range: 8" - 13"
Free delivery

Trailer tire sizes and ply ratings

The tire size and ply rating code can be found on the sidewall of your trailer tires.

Radial or bias-ply?

If there's an "R" in your trailer tire size, you have a radial trailer tire.
If there's no "R" in the size, you have a bias-ply trailer tire.
Load range/ply rating code
B = 4-ply rating
C = 6-ply rating
D = 8-ply rating
E = 10-ply rating
F = 12-ply rating
Placement may vary.

Radial trailer tire (metric size)

Tire size (width in millimeters/aspect ratio/rim diameter)

Bias-ply trailer tire (numeric size)

Tire size (width in inches/rim diameter)

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