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How tire rebates work:

The tire industry still uses traditional rebate offers, where you submit a form online or via mail, then receive a rebate card in the mail. You must take action in order to receive the rebate. Here's how to get your rebate:



1. Get the rebate form

We'll send you a link to the rebate form in your order confirmation email, or you can always find active rebate forms on this page. We recommend filing online, but in many cases you can also submit the form by mail.

2. Complete the form, include a receipt, and submit online/via mail

Complete the form online, or print it if you want to file by mail. You will be asked to include a receipt. The TireBuyer confirmation email serves as your receipt and will be accepted by all tire manufacturers. Need a copy of your receipt? Use our email form to request one.

To submit your receipt/confirmation email online, you can:

  • Print the confirmation email, scan it with a copier and email the file to yourself, then attach it to the rebate form;
  • Take a screenshot of the email, save the file, and attach it to the rebate form;
  • Save the email as a PDF and attach it to the rebate form.

If the form asks for company name and location, please use American Tire Distributors (TireBuyer’s parent company) and Huntersville, N.C.

3. Wait for your rebate card to arrive

It may take several weeks for your rebate to be processed. The tire manufacturer will mail you a prepaid card in the amount of the rebate. Generally these cards can be used like cash, pretty much anywhere – grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

If the option is offered, we recommend logging into the rebate website a week or two after submitting to check the status of your rebate.